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What is rocking your world right now with your music?

Edem: Hey thanks for asking. Easy answer: we love all our latest tracks, but none as much as the most recent track we are working on! Our music and sound comes naturally, but our composition and production skills increase as we move forward. The previous track’s execution always pushes the following track. So right now we’re working on a 7 part opus for the celebrated Croatian artist, and our wordsmith/voice extraordinaire, Sandra Ban, who needs our music for a fine art performance in Croatia (and Europe) scheduled for the end of the year. It’s wonderful to be asked to create music around just a concept… Brett and I usually ask Sandra for her contribution to our concepts and compositions. We are loving the role reversal. The latest track is titled “Yes” and should be finished very soon.

Brett: What’s rocking my music world? Working with such great musicians.

Sandra: ..simultaneous and personal emotional state, that overlaps with the collective regarding changes on the planet earth, and in the collective consciousness of humanity itself.

How do you want to change the world with your music?

Edem: Reminding everyone that anything is possible. Inspire musicians, and listeners alike, across the globe with KinderCrowdControl music. Our music is also topical; we provide food-for-thought
for anyone who is willing to listen. Ideas to ponder. All positive; all people, and freedom, centered. 

Brett: We like creating music without boundaries and without stereotypes. Perhaps the world might learn from that.

How do you push yourselves daily to make sure you are meeting those goals?

Edem: Brett and I are so excited to be creating music, pushing is not really necessary. A nudge here and there maybe, but nothing we do is forced per se. We always seem to come up with ideas that are evolutions from the previous tracks; compositionally, and production-wise. Simply put: we love what we do. The only constraint we feel is TIME.

Brett: There’s so much to do every day it’s hard to push. Most of the time I feel like I’m getting pulled. As for meeting goals, I’m always moving forward. I may never reach them, but I’ve been finding the journey very fulfilling.

Sandra: Thought sends a signal, and emotion creates reality – so we try to be on the bright side, and look at problems as creative challenges. 

Do you ever experience being too overwhelmed by all you have to do? 

Edem: Yes! Brett and I are so busy right now it’s crazy! But we’re loving every minute. But, the situation suits us. We just have to remember to breathe!

Brett: All the time. But I never stop to count, otherwise I’d never get things done. Gotta keep moving.

Sandra: Oh yes, the days are always full of obligations and tasks, but when you do your best to fulfill everything properly in joy, in the end you become even happier. 

You have a bunch of music out and we love Sto Da Radim. How did this evolve from an idea to new music? 

Edem: So, Sto Da Radim was initiated by Sandra. Her idea was to marry the Croatian folk ethnic song, basically translating to “What to do?”, with our contemporary KinderCrowdControl music. Usually Brett and I are the spark on our compositions, which we then send to Sandra in Croatia, but only in the form of a written concept, usually accompanied by a questionnaire. She then answers our questions with soundbites. We then incorporate these into the music. Amazingly, we normally never send her the musical tracks before she answers, but her words, timbre, and timing ALWAYS fit the music perfectly. Meant to be. Also, it bears mentioning that Brett had insisted that I bring my double neck lap steel out of mothballs and create a track with it. It just so happened that our track, which we had begun, fit her concept perfectly. Wow.

Brett: What a great piece. As is all of our compositions, this was a group effort. They always are. Our secret sauce is our willingness to hear things differently and to build on what works. We have so many great tools at our disposal that crafting music is a blast.

Sandra: 🙂 

How much input do outside people have when it comes to what you create together? 

Edem: Little to none. We bounce ideas off of our trusted “ears” around us when our tracks are almost done, but that’s it. Brett and I are sounding boards for each other’s ideas. We trust each other, and ourselves.

Brett: Hmmm… Not much. We’ve gotten good at knowing what we like so we tend not to worry about what other people might say. This is what makes us so unique. Yes, we do appreciate feedback from people we know and trust, but we tend to trust our own ears the most.

Sandra: Nothing really, but conceptually everything; meaning, we do it for all people.

We love what you’re all about! In a phrase tell us what you want fans to associate your music with! 

Edem: As Sandra says in our upcoming single “Yes”: “It’s A Beautiful Life.”

Brett: I would want our fans to associate our music with whatever positive emotions they may be feeling. We aim to create music to lift up people’s spirits.

Sandra: 🙂 

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