Ryte Eye Ty’s unleashes “Freedom”

Heavenly and instantly evocative in a way that few other lead vocals can be, the harmony in Ryte Eye Ty’s “Freedom” is undisputedly powerful enough to move mountains this July. When you’re working with the kind of divine vocal prowess that this artist is, you don’t need an instrumental backdrop – beyond the mic, you’ve got everything you need to make a hit single. In an era that has looked upon excess with a lot of unfair special favor, Ryte Eye Ty is offering listeners an unstoppably emotional effort in “Freedom” that audiences of all ages should hear this season.

The lyrics in this track are profoundly cutting, made accessible only through the gospel-style delivery in which they’re presented to us. As difficult as the subject matter is, there’s an essence of optimism in the words Ryte Eye Ty is singing here; even beneath the hardship, beneath the fear that comes with living under oppression, there’s a desire and a belief that all shall be righted and seamless much as this vocal harmony is. It’s artistically provocative, but more important than that, this song is affording us a look inside the message that drives an important movement today.

All of the tension in the background here comes purely from the silence – the utter lack of percussion, bass and additional voices contrasts with the incredible melody at the forefront of the mix to create a powerful statement in itself. On the one side, we’ve got a beautiful display of songcraft unfolding before us in real time; on the other, we’ve got a complete absence of sound altogether, alluding to mortality and those who aren’t around to experience this amazing new track with us today. There’s no walking away from “Freedom” unaffected by the music, and I’m not the only critic who will tell you so.

On the production end, I absolutely love the physicality of the master mix here. Scarcely is there an instance in “Freedom” where it feels as though we’re listening to something that was recorded from within the four walls of a recording studio – more often than not, it sounds like we’re listening to an intimate live performance (the kind, I should point out, that comes around once in a lifetime). It’s chilling from beginning to end, and it makes me all the more curious to see Ryte Eye Ty in person on the next possible occasion.

There aren’t many songs that I’ve reviewed this summer that serve as important a purpose as Ryte Eye Ty’s “Freedom” does, but even if it weren’t sporting the narrative it is, I would still recommend it to listeners on its sonic strengths alone. There’s a soulfulness to the performance this artist gives here that I don’t see myself forgetting anytime soon, and if you haven’t already taken the time out to do so, I think it would be wise to explore his work and find out for yourself what all of the buzz has been about lately. If you appreciate melodicism as much as I do, you won’t regret it.

Nicole Killian

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