Singer/Songwriter Ricky Comeaux Releases Powerful Single

“Sooner or later you’re certain to meet / In the bedroom, the parlor or even the street / There’s no place on earth you’re likely to miss / Her kiss” sings Ricky Comeaux in a powerful lead vocal that eventually becomes the centerpiece of his debut album If I Ruled the World. In this opening cut and single from the LP, “Theme from Kiss of the Spider Woman,” Comeaux flexes muscles comprised of uncompromising lyrical wit, but with regard to melodicism, he delivers an attention to detail that arguably competes with even the sharpest of poetic emissions in this vibrant new release. 




There’s so much emotionality to the very delivery Ricky Comeaux puts forth in this performance that it’s easy to let the instrumental faceting and all of its rich texture fall to the backburner of your attention, but I would recommend focusing on its integrity just the same. This story is being constructed as much from the musical element as it is anything our leading man could ever express from behind the microphone, and in making sure to utilize every inch of space in this mix, it’s rather impossible to step away from “Theme from Kiss of the Spider Woman” without feeling something from its narrative. 

The rollicking rhythm of the percussion influences the way we’re made to interpret the main melody in this track, but I wouldn’t say that the percussive component is as defining of the urgency in Comeaux’s verse as his own execution is. None of the weapons put before him are going unemployed by the time we get into the real meat and potatoes of this two and a half minute single, and although it might come off as being a little stacked for the casual listener, I don’t think hardcore audiophiles will be of the same opinion art all. 

Comeaux puts a lot of emphases on the beat throughout If I Ruled the World, and in this department, “Theme from Kiss of the Spider Woman” kind of creates the standard for every song that follows it in the tracklist. As previously noted, the pulsations that form beats in the backdrop are never overstated in the grander scheme of things, but instead given the same amount of oomph behind the board that any of the melodic elements are. Sonic equality matters to this artist, and while I wish I could say the same for his mainstream counterparts, it simply wouldn’t be true if I did right now. 


Amongst a potent tracklist, “Theme from Kiss of the Spider Woman” is a stand-out piece of material that thoroughly introduces its audience to who Ricky Comeaux is as a singer. While many critics have been quick to deem 2020 the year of experimentalism and a rebirth in the alternative rock underground, I think the eclectic nature of a single like this one speaks more to the hybrid culture of artists rising through the ranks at an exponential rate this autumn season. In either case, this is one singer who can’t be pigeonholed, and this latest release affirms as much. 

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