“Sweetest Of Melody” by R&B Songstress Rina Chanel

“Sweetest Of Melody” is the newest single by R&B songstress, Rina Chanel. It feels just in time for the holidays, though it doesn’t claim to be a festive song of any variety. It’s simply the type of track that evokes feelings of good tidings and soothing overtones. Rina, who is the early stages of a solo career, has honed her skills in a variety of ways. She lays claim to higher learning, having attended Radford University and The Governor’s School Of Arts in Norfolk, VA.

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Not only is Rina Chanel able to show off her impressive vocal chops in English, but she is also versed in French, German, Italian, and Czech. She attended the aforementioned Radford University on a voice scholarship, and boasts an array of other musically related achievements. “Sweetest Of Melody” is the type of track you can easily hear either Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, recording early in the careers. Rina has that type of voice that is capable of stopping people in their tracks, in a transfixed state. She possesses a soft innocence, coupled with a womanly sophistication that is sure to have a massively broad appeal.

“Sweetest Of Melody” is a relatively straightforward R&B ballad, that has a bit of a retro vibe. Rina’s spirit soars almost as high as the notes she hits on the track, as she emits both chastity and romance. She’s supported by Senghor Robinson, who also brings something of a classical feel to the occasion. The pair sound like two matinee stars, as they seamlessly exchange sentiments of devotion and affection. “Sweetest Of Melody,” just has that mildly cinematic quality to it, in the same way as say, “Unforgettable.”

The saxophone provides the most memorable instrumental element to the track, and sometimes the most obvious choice is the best. From the very first note, “Sweetest Of Melody,” perfectly establishes its intended setting. You suddenly feel transported to a cozy blanket, beside a crackling fireplace. Rina and Senghor are so arresting that they could double as hypnotists, rendering you tranquilly docile throughout the song’s entirety. If you’re over 35 this song will likely make you feel nostalgic, otherwise it will give you a sense of surrender.

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We don’t hear many songs like “Sweetest Of Melody,” anymore, and for this reason, Rina Chanel could be seen as a sort of revivalist. You could use the old trope of an “old soul,” to describe her, but her sincerity seems to eclipse any stereotypes. Rather, she is simply a talented singer who loves what she does, brimming with passion, and exuding a sedulous work ethic. She’s going to leave you wanting to hear more after experiencing “Sweetest Of Melody,” yet entirely satiated at the same time. For an overachiever, like Rina Chanel, the sky seems more like the starting point, than the limit. The most wondrous thing about her charmed path, is that the soundtrack is the indisputable proof of her credibility.

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