Tanille Edwards drops Christmas Single

Tanille Edwards isn’t hard to describe, nor is the new Christmas single, “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” if you hear it just once. But the thing is, you’ll be hearing more of Tanille herself too because there’s no ignoring the talent she possesses. The great thing about the artist and the song is you can be introduced by a Christmas title and not be turned off about the artist in the process. And that is just an off the top musical thought process to further introduce Tanille as a premiere recording artist to those so far unaware, as I was myself.

“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” is a Pop song with a lot more to it than any modern Christmas song I can think of in decades although many covers of Christmas classics and traditional albums can be recalled. The track harkens back to when artists dared write their own Christmas song and get them on the charts, as it meets all the same standards and then some. I really was blown away by the third time I heard it, so it’s difficult to be critical other than to say not enough people listen to music anymore, and the fact that it would be an understatement to say.

Tanille is from New York and has done some novel writing as well as music, and they’re sold together, so she’s been busy in an area that involves both, not just music. She’s very focused and well looked after by every indication I’ve seen, and this song is just so hard to find anything negative about. It’s a case of going from there and discovering a lot more about Tanille to go with the music. But “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” will also stay on holiday playlists for years to come, it’s genuinely that good.

AIPATE: https://aipate.com/2017/11/19/tanille-santa-dont-pass-me-by-video/

If you’re looking for Hip Hop, this isn’t exactly that kind of thing, it’s full on R&B with Pop inclinations that make it accessible but not commercial. The musical values in every department are of world class, sparing nothing, including horns taking it slightly into smooth jazz territory. But above all it classifies as a Christmas song, so it loses nothing from seasonal limitations because it competes with the finest Christmas songs of any modern variety. That doesn’t limit it either, it just boils it down to the level of quality of both the song and the artist who serves it.

One thing it lacks as a Christmas song is the traditional gospel feel, but it’s 2019 and the modern day isn’t calling for that, but Tanille still respects the tradition with grace. You just get more than you bargain for on “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” which proves it earns its title and even keeps you around for more, like any good song does. And the best thing for me is it makes me want to recommend it and the artist because there’s a wholesome vitality and goodness within here you won’t find anymore without looking very hard.

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