Desperate Electric releases “Right Next To Me” (single)

Desperate Electric is Kaytie Korte and Ben Morris. The pair’s new song “Right Next To Me” is that pop rock track from your 80s record collection fused with 2020’s unpredictability. Singing about a former love, “Right Next To Me” is peppered with blended vocals and a bevy of airy synths and hooks. Desperate Electric hails from Bozeman, Montana.


The first few bars of “Right Next To Me” start out with plucky guitars, bright melodies emerging from the electricity. Korte’s voice is strong. When she sings “I’m wondering if you’re missing me, I’m wondering if you miss me” her voice is magnetic. I believe she also sings “you’re my sweet ecstasy.” Morris chimes in just at the opportune moment, “right next to me” and joins her on “lie, lie, lie next to me, right next to me” before taking over the lead vocals with “I wanna show you how it feels, since I can’t you all that you need, I’ll just deal with it”. I liked his voice, and I really dug the back-and-forth duet a la The Human League “Don’t You Want Me”. Something about his voice reminded me of a microbrew – a little punchy on the first gulp and then it really sweetens with a few more swigs. The chorus has that great pop hook and just stays with the listener for hours.

When the synthesizer sounds come out, so does the urge to dance. This song gets the body swaying! The overall rhythm is very pop rock, and mixes in a sticky, wet bass guitar. Korte takes the bass guitar reigns. You can almost taste the guitar pic hit the bass guitar’s strings. that throbbing, that plundering is so cool. Morris, who also goes by the nickname “Beat Professor” more than amplifies “Next To Me” with the plethora of shapes and pulsating synth. They sound very rock and roll, but at the same time, like he’s some mad scientist shaking hands with a rockabilly guitarist and a marching band drummer. The synth has this stealth feel to it, cutting the song in quarters. They synth, it’s an airy tone, but at the same time has this heavy weight in certain segments and parts. Just when you think it’s going to hover, the beat drops again or hits a higher pitch. About the halfway mark, the song picks up steam, some crunchy, rockier tone guitars squelching their way into the scene.


You even hear some chaotic reverb that jells well with the percussion and synth base. I was expecting a bit more of the slick bass guitar, but alas, the guitar closes out the song, as does the unison and harmonizing vocals of “Right Next to Me!” Alt rock fans will crave this part of the jam. The colors and auras to this song stream reds, purples and lots and lots of green. I think there are some gold hints, too. I loved the flavoring and the originality. Each of the instruments bring big sounds to an already encompassing song.

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