The Dream Logic “I’ll Be Right Back”

Jam fusion bands aren’t playing music because too soon roll up to their record company headquarters in a Brinks truck and drive off with untold loot. It’s not about the money or the fame. You play this sort of music because you believe in its artistic merit, its transformative capacity, and the muse driving your musicianship isn’t content with regurgitating the customary songs with their customary changes. New York City’s The Dream Logic springs out of a traditionally strong milieu for this genre; the three piece has established a formidable reputation as genuine groundbreakers in the style. The new single “I’ll Be Right Back” from singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Charles Compo, drummer Camille Gainer, and bass player Jerry Brooks continues that tradition.


It isn’t difficult to hear why the band, individually and together, has recorded and performed with such luminaries as Christina Aguilera, D’Angelo, and others. They bring a high professional quality to everything they touch without their chops ever alienating listeners. Virtuoso musicians can sometimes forget that their listeners are not so and write too much for themselves rather than their admirers. Artists should always prioritize their inner voice, without a doubt, but it behooves you to heed your listeners’ expectations to a certain extent. The Dream Logic does that without ever compromising their artistic goals.

Those goals are evident throughout “I’ll Be Right Back”. Its slinky tempo changes are never overwrought, and the band executes those changes with more than a little style. Much of the latter quality comes from the song’s production. The three musicians orchestrate the instrumentation without ever sounding strained or draining the blood from the performance. “I’ll Be Right Back” is a lively musical firecracker from first note to last.

Compo’s voice is unusual but wildly effective. The lyric is often biting, albeit in an artful way, and the vocals demonstrate an unquestionable skill at smoothing over a rough message. “I’ll Be Right Back” has a handful of denunciatory moments, but a thorough exploration of the song can’t stop there. It has a near-schizophrenic nature. There are wild swings between repulsion and desire underlying Compo’s writing and it pays off, as well, with percussive and punchy lines difficult to forget.

The structure sounds like it emerged in a bolt of inspiration. It’s often been said that the best songs are the ones that came the easiest and it sounds like “I’ll Be Right Back” can join their company. There’s a live three players in the room snap to this recording that’s difficult to deny. It’s a significant part of the magic that casts its hold over listeners and the aforementioned production captures the band’s attack with physicality and detail. The guitar, especially, cuts through the mix and draws blood.

This trio shows zero signs of slowing down. The inventive compositional prowess fueling this song has several satisfying surprises built into its structure and familiar echoes abound throughout the cut. The Dream Logic are ending 2021 on a high note with “I’ll Be Right Back” and they move into 2022 with the wind at their backs.

Nicole Killian

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