The Mob’s Press and Just Me Art’ and Conseil Agency to launch MobFrance

Just Me Art’ And Conseil and The Mob’s Press will be launching our new Mob network, MobFrance. With our new friend Sonia Dari at the head of the project, the goal will be to recruit local writers to create articles about the arts, comedy, and culture of France, write show reviews and artist interviews in France on the new city blog called

Sonia Dari, founder of Just Me Art’ and Conseil and the Dari Show Comedy, is a media professional. animator, columnist, and producer. She brings incredible imagination, creativity, ambition, and motivation to the organization. Determined to continue its growth, Just Me Art and Conseil collaborates with Privaty Corp, Sony ATV, and several independent labels and extends its reach in Europe and abroad with privileged partners.

The Mob’s Press is an online marketing, promotions and ticketing hub dedicated to helping artists. With our network of city blogs,,, and, we have the ability to promote artists in different parts of North America.

The city network, MobFrance, will allow Just Me Art and Conseil to generate increased exposure for their artists and other creatives while being able to share the content through the Mob’s Network. This will also allow The Mob’s Press to raise awareness for their artists on and in Europe. Just Me Art and Conseil will also leverage The Mob’s Press event and ticketing platform. They’ll be promoting our platform to their artists and helping us bring more awareness to our events.

“This partnership is so exciting for The Mob.says Johanne Britton, President, and Co-Founder of The Mob’s Press. “Together, we will bring more awareness to the arts, comedy, and culture happenings in France and share our Canadian culture at the same time.”

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