Todd Braley To Release New Feature Film “Silence” On Saturday June 1st, 2019

Director/Producer/Writer Todd Braley is releasing his new Feature Film Silenceon Saturday June 1st, 2019. 

Starring Elisabeth Larson as Katelyn, Silenceis a gut-wrenching drama about sexual assault, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and recovery. In Silence, a young woman is brutally attacked and now has to deal with trying to put her life back together. 

Silence tagline: 

“Every 2 Minutes Someone In The U.S. Is Sexually Assaulted. This is Katelyn’s Story. She’s Alone…..Again.”

Todd Braley is a well-known writer/producer/director known for the feature film Misfit, the Jaws Fanatics documentary, and the TV Series “Surviving The Dead.” He has just started pre-production on his next project Paradise Road. He is also the CEO of Infinity Media Productions and the CFO of Sumner Twins Talent. 

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