Living in the Present Has New Meaning— Leave Your Phone Aside & Ignore the Call… without Creating Panic!

StatusNow App Allows You to Create Specific Away Messages for Spe-cific Groups or Individuals

Whether you’re enjoying a massage, taking a yoga class, concentrating on an im-portant email, in a meeting, playing an interrupted board game with your child, enjoy-ing a meal, or going to the movies… you no longer have to worry about an urgent call, creating panic about being disconnected, or having anxiety about being unplugged for a moment. Simply leave a tailored message to a specific group or individual people about what you’re doing, when you’ll be available, or how to reach you in an emer-gency. “Be connected when you disconnect.”

StatusNow App was created by Susan Melnick—entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 4 children—with the goal of helping people to stay connected to those most important to them, while also giving them the peace of mind to completely disconnect from their phones whenever they choose. This practical tool is a FREE App and serves as a vir-tual, digital assistant that enables users tailor messages to individuals or groups so that they don’t have to miss an important call.
We caught up with Susan to ask her about her journey in developing this valuable App, how it has shaped her life, and how it enables users to live in the present.

What is the StatusNow App for?
The StatusNow App is for anyone who has a reason to answer their phone.

How can athlete’s or student’s benefit from using StatusNow?
Absolutely. There are so many different examples of how this could work for ath-letes/students. One example is to invite everyone from your team to be your contact and create a “TEAM” group. If you’re in class, the library, eating, or on a date, simply leave a message that only the team could see if they needed you telling them when to expect you to respond.

Another example, is geared for students entering college—it’s a year of transition. Create groups for your parents, close friends, roommates, employer if you have a job, etc. If you’re away from your phone, you’re letting all those people know when you’ll be back. If you have a job and your employer is trying to give you an extra shift, and they receive your voicemail, it’s a way to let them know when you’ll be back, so you don’t miss out.

Is there a way we can have a status for select contacts to see?
Yes, once you create your status, you can select either individuals or a pre-assigned group of people to view it.

What are your favorite features of the App?
My favorite feature about the App is the expiring contact. The way the app works is that you invite people to connect. It’s not everyone, it’s not your whole contact list. It’s only the person whom you feel may need to get in touch with you. Once you have your list, you can create groups – friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, etc. If I wanted to invite a co-worker who I was working on a project with for 6 months, I only invite him/her to be in my contact list for that long. This way, going forward, I know my lists/groups are current. I don’t want to give someone permission to view a status if they no longer have a reason.

What does StatusNow help to avoid?
StatusNow helps avoid the guessing – when is someone going to be back, where are they, who should I call if this is urgent.

Can you give an example of time in your life that you wish you would have StatusNow App?

My dad was sick and living out of state. I constantly would answer the phone if I ever saw my mom calling. Most of the time it wasn’t an emergency, but I never knew that un-til I answered. Looking back, I wish there was a way for me to tell my mom I’m working out, in a meeting, out to dinner with my husband, etc. and be able to be present, know-ing she would know where I was if it was urgent. When you have a sick relative, espe-cially one who lives out of state, missing an important call could be the difference of making a flight that day vs. the next one. Plus, the amount of guilt I would have had if I missed something urgent because I was reading to my son’s class (for example) would have been awful. No one should feel guilty doing something for themselves, but that’s easier to say than do.

What made you come up with such a creative name?

We went through a lot of name choices. Honestly, the adults were overthinking it and the kids started talking and came up with really simple ideas. We wanted to create something that applied to both the person posting the status and also the person searching. StatusNow is your status right now and the current status is someone is finding you. When we were starting the App, we weren’t sure who our target customer would be – if it was the poster or the searcher. We needed something for both.

Is StatusNow free to download?
Yes, there will always be a free download. I find it very necessary that everyone de-serves peace of mind and the app helps to create a “we’ve got your back” feeling.

Where can I learn more about StatusNow App?
You can find out a lot about the app at StatusNow Also, if you look on LinkedIn or Facebook to can see past media clips that explain different use cases.

What type of phones can download this useful App?
SM: The app is available for Apple and Android.

Besides changing your status, what else can the StatusNow App do to make your life a little more organized?

There is so much more beyond organization. It creates a way to be 100% present and focused on what you’re doing, while giving anyone peace of mind who may be trying to reach you. StatusNow also syncs with your calendar, and you can create repeat sta-tus for reoccurring events.

Does this App have a link to connect to our friends so they also can sign up?

There is a screen on the App that says, “Share App,” and it will pop open an email with instructions on how to download. All you have to do is send it to the people you want to join your network.

How can we follow StatusNow App?
You can follow StatusNow on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

This is such a great and creative App! Are there any other apps you are working on for the future?

I am not looking to create anything new but I am looking to expand there. There are several features I would love to add to make this even easier and more user-friendly.

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