“Deranged” (Single) by Alex Alan ft. Juan Guti

A hauntingly beautiful guitar. A mesmerizing music bed tight with synthetic sounds and rushing rhythms. A new voice. A new perspective – that’s the magic behind the new song “Deranged” from Alex Alan featuring guest guitarist Juan Guti. The song is from the four-track EP Airborn and it’s out now via Alan’s own indie release.

While it may sound odd to associate the word ‘magic’ with ‘deranged’ the interesting part of Alan’s song is the way he and the sound convert any preconceived notions. I liked the title of the EP possessing the word air in it because so much of this song has levity to it. The orchestration is lighter, and does have some shadow or darkness in the foreground. Besides “Deranged” Airborn also includes the songs “Fight For Love”, “Everytime” and “You Feel”.

When Guti plays his guitar it’s like the heaven’s opening up and he’s unleashing a lightning storm. The rumbling is prevalent, the energy that exudes from Guti’s guitar is like a furnace. It brings the heat to a cool, chrome sound. If “Deranged” were a mix of colors it would be black, dark blue, purple and a splinter of reds. Alan sings, “lately you’ve been stuck in my head, lately you’ve been stuck in my bed…you won’t be defeated…you are something I can’t change, I guess that’s why I feel deranged” and the visions of his lyrics painted alongside Guti’s exasperating talents is memorable.

The line “you won’t be defeated” struck me. I kept going back to that lyric each time I listened to “Deranged” (maybe I became deranged from focusing too much on it!). I think in some ways it’s Alan’s mantra. He’s not going to throw in-the-cards. Maybe that’s the true mark of someone that is successful – not only do they never stop, they never give up, but they are almost deranged in their internal focus. As much as you think this song will make you feel compressed or depressed, it doesn’t. Back to that air thing, this song does breed confidence.

Alan’s vocal range is succinct. I felt like he could have stretched a bit more drama, more emotion when he sang the line “I need an angel, tell me it will be alright”. But I get why he maintained his lane, he stayed within his vocal comfort zone. I can’t swear by it, but I think he’s using a bit auto tune under his vocals, and it’s not a distraction, but I think he did it to enhance his voice just a tiny bit. Regardless, the end result is a lead singer that takes ownership of his song, and his words feel and sound very real. He’s not some quack that got some high priced equipment and is now a recording star – he’s genuinely talented. The more I listened to “Deranged” the more I felt like I knew Alex Alan.

Overall, “Deranged” is pretty damn good. I think Alex Alan is one to watch, as is his guitarist Juan Guti. What a pair. The balance they show in “Deranged” gives the song it’s spark.

Nicole Killian

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