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What song do you have on repeat right now that’s your own?

My favorite song of ours is “Fly Abound”.  Not to be confused with the title track of our new album, “Fly Around”.  Notice there is a “b” instead of an “r”.  The song reprepresents a new direction for us.  The sound is slow and moody.  We are excited to connect with a more sadboi type of song. 

2021 feels like a big year for a lot of artists. How do you plan on making this year your own?

It really does.  I am determined to make this year the biggest year we have ever had as a band.  The only way to top that would be to go harder than we did last year, and thanks to the global pandemic, we are able to focus entirely on the band.  This year I am going to take so many classes on how to use the interwebs, that way I will never have to learn any of this stuff again…. just learn it once to forget it all.  Kind of like when I studied Jazz in school.  The teachers force-fed me rule after rule in hopes of me forgetting ALL of the rules in order to just PLAY music. 

Give us the details on your latest project?

The big thing we are working on now is called Summer of Love 2021.  There is a facebook page AND group AND instagram AND youtube lol…  The idea is that we have been playing music every sunday at Echo Park Lake in downtown Los Angeles.  People are starting to show up and expect music on Sunday at the lake, so we have made it into an official “thing”.   Every sunday, you can join in from wherever you are in the world, and hop on our livestream from the lake : ) It is all about bringing together more friends and family to bond behind music. 

More and more artists are going the independent route. Why do you think that is?

I think it is because the record companies do NOT have their eye on the prize.  The idea behind the career of a musician is GET MORE FANS.  Record labels do not understand that the easiest way to get more fans, is to simply meet people and play music for them. With social media, us musicians do not need a label anymore.  All we have to do is go on facebook or instagram, and meet our new fans.  If you make music that isn’t terrible, everyone likes you already, they just don’t know it yet, and it is up to you to show them. 

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