Video Review: American High “UN Article 14”

“UN Article 14” is a vehement and piercing realization as to the emotional consequences created by a madman, Donald Trump, created by the mastermind of American High, Doug Terry, and videographer, Skylar.  United Nations Article 14 clearly states that “Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” 

The video is heart-felt, passionate, honest, and somewhat disturbing as the theme embarks on a journey of the plight of immigrants fleeing violence and poverty with their small children, while Americans viciously protest. According to the “Observer”, “Trumps border wall is a vortex of stupidity that Trump and the GOP can’t escape.” It goes on to say that “The Wall was started as an applause line of trumps campaign rallies, and has morphed into one of the dumbest policy debates in the history of American politics.” The remarkable video portrays the suffering and fear and death of families and children risking everything for a decent life….or in some cases for life itself.

“UN Article 14” is one of the most poignant observations of human injustice. It comes after the Cheye Calvo video, the story where the former Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland was held at gun point with his mother in law during a drug raid wrongly traced to his home. The SWAT team shot and killed his two dogs during the incident. Even after the Calvo’s were cleared of wrongdoing and the police were accused of lacking a proper search warrant, using excessive force and having failed to conduct a proper background investigation of the home, they refused to apologize.

Doug Terry advocates human injustice of all kinds. He’s impassioned by the wrongs of the planet and is courageous enough to make others aware. His songs and his videos evoke every human emotion possible whether you agree with him or not. I can safely say that “UN Article 14” is doubtlessly one of the strongest videos I have seen in my career. I can also say that the planet needs to take notice of American High, especially in the worldly and politically chaotic climate we live in today.

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