Free to Fly – New single by Paul Maged

“A song about togetherness during a time of isolation”

It’s been over 6 weeks you’ve been on lock down and if it hasn’t already, being inside has drilled a hole into your sanity.

During these times, we’ve had to turn to art and culture to keep our minds open, running and hopeful. Like many, music has been a muse I’ve turned to in order to get through the day and keep a smile on the pandemic.

“Free To Fly” was written, recorded, produced & mastered by Paul Maged during the corona virus pandemic.

“I really wanted to write a song about love, hope and togetherness because I realized that’s what many of us were missing. I didn’t have access to the studio or my group of musicians so I went back to my singer-songwriter roots. I wrote this song called, “Free To Fly”, from a place of loneliness. It’s about freeing our minds of ego and constraints; just letting ourselves go, to fly and explore”.

Paul Maged

After listening to the song, I felt soothe and forgot for a moment what was actually going on outside.

The style of music is a step in a different direction from Paul’s usual rock and roll repertoire.

I can’t speak for all but I love Japanese animation and it fits these images of human connection that we all have been craving since this Pandemic started.

You can find this song and more about Paul Maged on his website and social media. See links below.

Read the interview from Music Court Blog to learn more about Paul.

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