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Inviting us to get closer with both his words and the warmth of the melody pushing them forth, Avatari is anything but inaccessible in his new single “High Like This;” on the contrary, he’s so open in his tone here that it’s hard to believe this is only his latest release since debuting to numerous accolades not too long ago. Avatari puts his voice at the forefront of everything in “High Like This,” and although his style is a familiar one that can be traced to some of the classic elements in the pop genre, there’s nothing recycled or unoriginal about what he’s doing for the audience in this performance.  

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The compositional structure here is reminiscent of some of the more surreal works we saw coming out of the British underground about ten years ago specifically, with a reduced interest in the psychedelic edging on the harmony and an increased focus on the fragility of the vocals themselves. It’s not enough for me to say that Avatari is trying to emulate one of his influences, but you would have to be crazy to ignore the postmodernity of this piece as it relates to the way he’s getting his point across to us.

He’s not afraid to be a little cerebral with his poeticisms, while at the same time stopping well short of the stoniness so many in his peer group openly embrace.  

Avatari’s vocal is buried in aesthetical insularities from the start, but his presence in the chorus hints at a vulnerability I would want him to experiment with more in the future. He’s a little guarded in this performance, using the magnetizing qualities of the instrumentation to distract us from the wounded persona of the lyricism he’s constructing in the middle of all the melodic decadence. It’s charmingly visible and still distant enough to inspire mystique, which is a difficult balance to strike for any musician, regardless of talent or experience.  

This beat is undisputedly an infectious, danceable quality in “High Like This,” but there’s absolutely nothing strong enough in this work to steal any of the thunder away from Avatari’s crooning. He’s just got too powerful an ability for any of the instrumental components to get in his way, and given the overwhelming brawn of the chorus (as briefly as we can appreciate it), this should tell any curious critic that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg in this release. Odds are, Avatari has a lot left in the tank he’s yet to exploit.  

If there’s one solo singer you need to be following out of the underground, I think it should be Avatari, and not exclusively because of his new single “High Like This.” For over a year now, this artist has been gaining traction not through cosmetics but instead via his creative wit, and in the songs he’s recorded so far, he hasn’t given me any reason to believe he’s in this medium for anything other than his own desire to express something deeper than the status quo calls for. He’s staying on my radar, and I recommend you keep a close eye on his output as well. 

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