“Call You Out” (SINGLE) by Elsewhere

The power trio seems to be a model for many modern guitar bands and with good reason. The configuration relies even more on the shared chemistry between players than four and five piece units, but chemistry is an ever elusive thing. Elsewhere captures that proverbial lightning in a bottle, however, during their new single “Call You Out”. The musicians in this Boston based three-piece have been playing music much of their lives, but they haven’t been together that long yet sound as if they’ve been playing together for decades. The combustible musical energy they display from the start of “Call You Out” never flags and they play in lockstep throughout.

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Songwriter, guitarist, and singer Michael Aroian has a clear leadership role. His strong and declamatory vocals refuse listeners any complacency and invests every line with unquestionable commitment. Even if there’s a strong dose of pop running through this song, particularly in its vocal arrangement, the grain of his voice has enough ruggedness to make him a convincing rock singer. The balance of these two seemingly disparate elements is one of the crucial factors driving the song’s success.

One can only imagine what he sounds like in an live setting. Boston area concertgoers will, however, have a chance to find out at 7pm on December 14th. Elsewhere opens that night for Our Lady Peace at Beantown’s famous Paradise Rock Club and, yes, COVID-related considerations must be taken into account for people to attend. It will be necessary for attendees to present either printed proof of their immunization dating two weeks or more prior or else proof of a negative test within the last 72 hours before showtime. Masks are also required.

There’s no mask capable of holding this band back, however. The rhythm section of bassist Kevin Swaluk and drummer Adam Soucy make everything possible for Aroian. Swaluk and Soucy have a tight relationship during this song, but the latter’s precision timekeeping and well-recorded drums gives “Call You Out” tremendous impetus. His playing, along with his bandmates, underscores the had-all-I-can-take rage burning in the heart of this song. It’s never abrasive, however, but gives the song undeniable force.

The song is cut, as well, to a manageable running time. Elsewhere are superior purveyors of power pop and one of the style’s dictums has always been to toss any self-indulgence aside. You’ll hear how well they’ve heeded this lesson throughout the song. Their growing global popularity will only be fueled by this new release and has the chance to really turn on the afterburners for Elsewhere. They are ready.

MORE INFO ON 12/14 CONCERT: https://crossroadspresents.com/pages/more-info-event?eventid=vvG17ZpwDQJ9q5&venueid=KovZpZA11JtA

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This is far from a full look at the band’s potential. It isn’t a throwaway by any stretch of the imagination but consider “Call You Out” more of a tantalizing glimpse into how Elsewhere can seemingly summon a superb pop rock song at will. If the best bands make it sound easy, then this Boston three piece is among their ranks and there’s nothing about this new single indicating they will dropping out of sight anytime soon.

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