Celebrity Influencer and Top Model Simonetta Lein Takes A Stand Against Bullying.

Simonetta Lein is a mega celebrity influencer and top model who always takes a stand on social media against bullying and any form of harassment, empowering women and the new generations. Lein personally experienced being harassed by a fan who was stalking her in and out of social media. Due to her personal experience being a victim of bullying, she stands against any form of bullying or harassment.

“I am very proud to support the #StopStandSpeak campaign along with Maxxm Alarm www.maxxmalarm.com – we have been working together for three years to advocate and bring awareness against bullying, street harassment and sexual trafficking. We want women to take a stand towards self-defense and for the world to be a safer place. The only way to do so is to act to make it happen and to be vocal about it. I have been harassed by one fan and I know what is like to feel impotent about it. Bullying is such a huge problem, on the street as well in social media. Together we want to vow to end it and to make a difference supporting at the same time meaningful wishes come true for The Wishwall Foundation.”



I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with @MaxxmAlarm again to #StopStandSpeak against all forms of harassment and to help empower women and raise awareness for the growing Street Harassment movement. From  Nov 13th 2018– Jan 13th 2020 #MaxxmAlarm will donate $1 for every device sold on www.MaxxmAlarm.com to my charity The Wishwall Foundation.  Make a difference today and protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season with a #MaxxmAlarm personal alarm that emits a powerful 130 dB siren in the case of any emergency & as a deterrent from a potential aggressor. Please learn more about @MaxxmAlarm by going to the link in my Bio https://www.instagram.com/simonettalein/  #MaxxmAlarm #AlarmKeyFob #StopStandSpeak #StopStreetHarassment #beavoice 

MaxxmAlarm  cares about your safety. The safety of your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your children. We also strongly believe in Social Responsibility and commit to the promotion and the support of the growing Street Harassment movement. Your personal security and peace of mind is our number one priority, and to help keep your safe, we have engineered a collection of personal alarms to act as a safeguard and deterrent from potential harm. Take back your personal protection with MaxxmAlarm!



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