Sherry Nelson: “A Beautiful Superstar”

Maxim model Sherry Nelson is a superstar both inside and out. Currently she is gearing up for some events in the entertainment industry when the world opens up. In the meantime, she is appearing on some of the most prestigious internet shows including Chance TV, The Big Rich Show, The Mike Wagner Show, The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, Brian Sebastian, and many others.

As one of the kindest human beings on the planet her beauty and talent are an inspiration to all who cross her path. We shared some questions and answers regarding her plans for the future and just an intimate view of her persona……

Tell us your journey as a model thus far?

Due to the COVID19 quarantine, as with everyone else, what was in the works for me has been put on hold.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with some fantastic people in the modeling industry that have faith in me to continue our projects once we are able to get back to work.

If you were elected the president of the United States what would you first command  be?

Being that I am Canadian I can never qualify to be President of the United States. As Prime Minister of Canada I would recognize and honor those that give most to our country ~ Veterans, Military Personnel, and Senior Citizens.

Senior Citizens have paid taxes the longest, and therefore as a Government it is owed to them to be given the best quality of life in their golden years ~ affordable housing, access to quality Healthcare, and the ability to congregate with their peers and loved ones through free public transportation.  Senior citizens truly are an asset to a nation because of their experiences and a wealth of knowledge through their witnessing of historical events. This generation is such a benefit to young people and students for research of a term paper or a greater understanding of events folding in life.

It goes without saying the ongoing sacrifices our military and Veterans have done for our nation and as Peace-Keepers throughout the world. By honoring and recognizing their service to our nation, I would ensure they also have a better quality of life similar to the Senior Citizens, but with an additional focus on healing any possible PTSD and other mental and physical illnesses incurred during their time of service.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this isolation period?

I am exercising five days a week with Ryan Meeuwissen, to get into the best shape of my life. I learn so much from him each session and am thankful he did not give up on me when the social distancing took effect.

I am also working with various shows as a producer and writer. Chance Spiessbach of “ChanceTV” was the first to trust in me to acquire talent and write for his show. Brian Sebastion of “Women on TV” has also included me in his platform where I am learning every day and meeting some amazing people.

What is the first thing you want to do after the isolation is lifted?

Take my father to his favorite restaurant and treat him to his favorite lunch 😊

What projects do you have in mind to accomplish in the future?

I am very excited to be working with Cindy Ladylake D’Adamo on her charity, Light Up the Love campaign. As well I have the opportunity to be in a couple of upcoming movies.  I do hope to continue working with Chance Spiessbach and Brian Sebastian on their shows. I will be visiting the great state of Oklahoma to finally meet in person Rich Wheeler and Lisa Michele Ryan from The Big Rich and Lil Lisa Show!

You’ve been on several radio/TV shows lately….what do you like about them….is there anything you would wish to change?

Yes I am very lucky to have been on some amazing podcasts, including two from Canada!

I cannot think of anything I would change, I enjoy the diversity each platform presents. I am fortunate that given current technology I am able to do radio/TV shows from my home in Canada with so many great hosts all over the United States.

Any closing thoughts about anything on the planet?

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now, not only regarding COVID19, but also the environment.  Growing up in the forest industry I know how important it is to respect the environment. In British Columbia, forest companies pride themselves on reforestation and taking care of our timber lands.

I think now, with so many stay at home orders in place, we have a better understanding of humanity’s impact on the planet. It was a blessing to see the turtles return to the beaches all over the world, and the clarity in the Venice waterways after only a few weeks of man not being as traditionally active in those areas.  This gives me hope, and I continue to have faith in humanity that from this, it is possible to have a shared existence with God’s creatures if we respect Mother Nature.

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