“See You Dance” by Cristal Carrington

Enough with this political mess, the real burning questions of today’s music lovers, the one contemplation on every listener’s mind is what do politicians want to dance to? One obvious choice is “Staying Alive” from The Bee Gees, but a song that is getting a little long in the tooth is probably not going to cut it for today’s younger listeners. Enter Baltimore’s Cristal Carrington. Bubbly like champagne, Carrington’s debut single “See You Dance” sends shockwaves of epic pop electronica with just one listen.

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I want to see you dance, I wanna see you party, Carrington grooves in the song’s chorus. This song is muy caliente on many levels, and she does use the phrase ‘uno, dos, tres, quatro’ (her only use of non-English words), but lyrically, she’s pretty darn zeroed in on the I wanna see you dance line. Like a lot. But, I let it go because this is the best song to just let your troubles fly by the wayside and you can become part of that dynamic rhythm. “See You Dance” is about a 7.0 on the booty-shaking-Richter-scale. I think it has echoes of the East Coast (Carrington is originally from Long Island, New York) rave vibe meshed with that low-end bass tones from something from the disco-era. Funny, sometimes that distance between Manhattan and Long Island can seem like a continent, but the culture and the vibrant artistry really covers a very large land area. Carrington wraps the listener around her finger and tantalizes them with each note and measure. She bridges that world of club and pop music, and even though she’s in a different state, Baltimore still has a rich artistic population. She really seems to carve out her own sound and her own way of doing things. That NYC energy and makeup seeps their way into the sound, but it’s all Carrington from this foot forward. She taps one foot into that club scene, and one foot in-and-out of the pop electronic scene. It’s a quite exhilarating jaunt.

Carrington carries that same dynamic mood into the “See You Dance” music video. Between quick scenes of dancers from around the globe, she also shows off her beautiful silver-sequined dress. She’s ready for the night and she’s ready to see this guy’s body in the after-hours. For an indie artist, it’s a great effort in showing off some different moves and viewpoints. Pure and simple fun. I don’t think it quite captures her essence – her sensuality, but it’s still entertaining and a worthwhile watch.

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“See You Dance” is from Carrington’s album Revenge. 2020 has been a great year for her; already she’s released several tracks on her Spotify page. Among the lot are “Another Way of Life”, “I Believe In Your Love” and “Running Out of Time”. Carrington’s unique mix of pop, R&B and electronica are just the ticket to get you dancing and having the party you’ve been needing. Now about those politicians, I think they need to let loose and just dance.

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