The Rise of Artists on YouTube:Clark Mantilla on Stage and In Studio

Many artists and musicians have taken to YouTube to share their love of music and artistry, especially performance arts. They have enabled us to connect with art and music more than ever, especially during the pandemic when access to theaters and movies was cut off because of the virus. Since then, all art enthusiasts, theater lovers, and moviegoers have been more than ever appreciative of the ability to go to these venues in person and enjoy the thrill of performance arts when it is life. But we have also learned how great YouTube and other platforms can be in connecting us with our favorite artists and musicians and how much we can learn understand and connect with the world the virtual spaces. In this article, we will be speaking about how important that is and how we can get to know an artist and their process as well as their style through a platform such as YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most complete platforms as it contains almost every topic. You can search almost anything in the search bar, and you will be presented with so many results and so many different artists that connect with their intended audiences. it is easy to get lost on YouTube and watches for hours on end because of the engaging content and interesting things we come across. And there are specific topics and themes that become more popular than others because of how soothing they can be and how much they attract different audiences. Some of these topics can become part of our watching routine and implement themselves into our daily lives. That is how some YouTubers become so popular and have the ability to post more videos during the week and sometimes even days because of how much their content resonates with their viewers

Some of the most searched videos include music and entertainment. For instance, when a person loves a specific song or a melody from a movie or a theater show, or any other entertaining outlet it may not be accessible to them all the time on streaming platforms, or they may be looking for something a little different than when they originally watched. There are countless musicians on YouTube who share their versions of that song or melody and even teach others how to sing along with it. This is a very interesting take on sharing that musical score because the person who shares it and sings it for an audience obviously loves singing that song and so by posting that video, they are sharing their passion with their audience. It is also important to note that not everyone has access to the theater or other venues where these songs and performances can be watched live. So, YouTube and other platforms also serve the purpose of connecting audiences with art that they love and are passionate about beyond the pandemic something that can be accessible at all times.

Clark Mantilla on stage

There are many YouTubers that are sharing their love of music through this way and there is one that we will be introducing to you today because of his amazing work. Clark Mantilla is a musician and actor based in New York City. He has done impressive work in theater and in the film world and he currently has his own YouTube channels. While we will dive into his channels on YouTube soon. We would also like for you to know a little bit more about him. Clark Mantilla has received his training and his experience in acting by working with talented actors like himself and being in an environment of great writing, great directing, and mesmerizing sets that will always inspire artists to do their best as he always does. Clark Mantilla has always known that he wants to be in the theater world and to be performing because of how much he believes in the energy that is brought on stage and on screen. To him, it is a type of energy that is unmatched, and he only finds it when he is performing. He is currently doing many exciting projects two of which are upcoming in New York City. He starred as Lou in Holy Rollers: A Musical Comedy Concert which was performed at The Green Room 42. He was immensely excited for the world to see this concert and feel the energy that is brought by the whole cast and crew. It is one of the projects that he knows will stay with him for a long time after he’s been on stage. He also performed the role of a soloist in 54 Below Sings Starkid at 54 Below. This was one of the greatest spots to catch the newest, most energetic shows and this time Clark was a star of the show.

Clark Mantilla has also been in three amazing short films produced by Adober studios on YouTube, and he has been part of workshops as well. Clark believes in being a versatile artist and being able to bend his understanding of what he can do as an actor and performer. This has caused him to land many amazing opportunities and projects and connect with some of the most fascinating artists and creators. And he is currently connecting with even more artists, creators, collaborators, and viewers on his YouTube channels. He has two YouTube channels one called Clark on Stage and the other Clark in Studio. Other than posting videos on different days for the different channels his content is slightly different. While it is a little bit obvious from the name the videos that he posts on Clark on stage are more related to the theatrical songs, melodies, and loved tunes from musicals. In Clark in Studio, he usually posts videos where he is singing along to modern songs and songs that can usually be found on the screen rather than on a theatrical stage. Clark Mantilla invites his viewers to sing along with them and he also posts the lyrics on the screen as he is singing. He has helped many people realize their love for singing and musicals and has connected with so many people through millions of views on every single video. He is venturing on an exciting journey here in New York City as a musician and actor and we are excited to see what he will do next.

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