“Come And Getcha Some” by Charlie Kulis Band

The New York country band, the Charlie Kunis Band are reaping many rewards for themselves when it comes to their single, “Come And Getcha Some”. Traditional awards like a Grammy or CMA might be out of their reach (or are they?) but given the moxie and the way their song comes alive, it’s best to leave a great tune like this for the people. Hopping like a grasshopper, and chirping like a June bug, “Come And Getcha Some” makes its way into the lexicon and will certainly become a summer tradition. 

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/charliekulisband

Short ribs cookin’ in the smoker, a male vocalist sings. He’s setting the scene for a summer hot spot, the backyard games with a family picnic as the background. If it weren’t for the drum/percussion distraction and the bass doing its thing, you might stop and be able to smell those ribs. Charlie Kunis Band is a band that leaves little room between their instrumentation, it’s a tightly bound novella whereas each chapter, each stanza is a short story. The backing music is a mixture of modern country, a hint of bluegrass and lots of Americana or roots music. The vocalist stays close to his range and it’s the guitar that gets the job of creating the melodies.

The ebb and flow of the rhythm section is soothing, almost if you were tubing down a lazy river. It’s slightly murky, but for the most part, chipper. There is a country wash to this song – it’s twangy, but not obnoxiously in-your-face country. The overall vibe of the song is creative, but oh-so-welcoming. If you weren’t a friend of the band before this song, “Come And Getcha Some” makes you feel as though you’ve been a friend of theirs for a lifetime. Come and getcha, come and getcha some, the chorus exclaims. I liked their tactic of breaking it up, almost like a train chugging along. Maybe, too, it’s the right amount of time to take a quick swig of beer or libation, swallow, and get back to singing the chorus! 

Other than being based in New York and producing a killer country track, I can’t offer much more on the Charlie Kunis Band’s biographical information. I’d sure like to see this band live, and they would be an outstanding addition to any festival lineup. “Come And Getcha Some” should be their encore hit – and at the very least, it will get the crowd riled up and feeling primed for the night to continue its adventures. There’s also something very intimate about this song – as if it’s a man sharing with his beloved wife of decades that there is still a spark, there is still romanticism in ‘just being’. Where some people might find the boredom of grilling hot dogs just a regular Saturday, it’s the artists in the world that make it seem like an event that will always trigger a wonderful reaction. “Come And Getcha Some” triggers wonderful reactions each line and each beat. High praise indeed for Charlie Kunis Band for honing their own sound and doing it their way.  

Nicole Killian

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