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I began in the New England music scene playing bars/clubs and colleges in Boston, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont etc with my band at the time. I’ve lived in Nashville TN for the past 6 years.

Do you believe in Goal Setting or taking it day by day? 

I believe both! Can I do that?  Obviously you want to have tangible goals, but this is the life/music industry… things are evolving and morphing in real time. Your timeline may not jive with the universe/music industry. With that cop out answer I think it’s imperative you BELIEVE in what you’re doing and if you have that faith and have seen growth musically and spiritually, financially.  You may have something?  That’s where it gets weird. LMAO

What is your strategy for success?

If I have one? For me it’s putting out the best music/art I can.  Working with the musicians, producers, people who are good people and immensely talented in their own right. I’m  always learning and trying to give and do the best I can in the precious present. Hard work, touring and writing to give myself a chance and be in a position to be successful without compromising myself or my art.

Greatest achievement so far? 

I really want to say my best is still up my sleeve. I have some songs in film.  I’ve played some great shows with some wonderful people.  Toured all over.  I’ve survived and continue to adapt to the uncertainty of a very difficult business.  I’m a songwriter/musician and I KNOW this and so do a lot of people.  I guess that’s my biggest accomplishment.

Please share your INSTAGRAM link

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nickjohnson615/

URL: nickjohnson615.com 

Press Inquiries:  bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com  

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