Gabriele Saro and Ivan Comar – Beautiful Stranger (SINGLE)

Gabriele Saro and Ivan Comar’s collaboration has produced two stellar new tracks, “Beautiful Stranger” and “Valentine”, certain to carry each respective name to a wider audience than ever before. The Italian born Saro has made quite a name for himself in recent years as a superb film composer and, increasingly, a pop songwriter of rare distinction. The full flower of his gifts is audible throughout both singles. Comar inhabits his work with a singular presence as well and the clear chemistry they manifest throughout the releases makes this one of the more invigorating listening experiences of the young year.


Both tracks are fueled by a hard-changing pulse at the heart of each composition. They are largely electronic driven with other instruments further fleshing out the sound and, in the case of “Beautiful Stranger”, the near-rock backbeat counterpoints the electronically generated flourishes is key for the song’s success. Another critical component in the success of “Beautiful Stranger” lands with the cut’s chorus.

The vocals are superb throughout “Beautiful Stranger” but reach their zenith with the track’s refrain. It is quite an achievement, really, for a classically trained musician and composer to score so high with pop songs, but the segue into the chorus is flawless and Saro’s writing strikes the right note for this peak moment during the song. The snappy production gives the aforementioned drumming added weight as well; you can’t help but notice the excellent recording of the snare.

Saro incorporates a generous amount of guitar into the track “Valentine”. The upcoming holiday makes this a natural candidate for a single release but it lacks the romantic feel many listeners long for when searching out Valentine’s Day centered recordings. The song, nevertheless, is another five star pop gem. The inclusion of the six string is given an unusual twist with its synthesized sound but it also provides a surprising shot of attitude into a track that would’ve been lighter with its absence.

The lyrics for both tracks are not poetry set to music but nonetheless a cut above the average pop song fare. They mine well-traveled territory for their subject matter, but Saro and Comar state these time-tested subjects with such individuality that you will forgive them any lack of originality. There’s nothing new under the sun, according to Ecclesiastes, but there’s always an unique way of saying it and these tracks achieve that goal.


Gabriele Saro’s journey from academia into global renown has been memorable. These two tracks, however, serve notice that his travels are far from concluded and it won’t be the least bit surprising if Saro outstrips even these top shelf tracks with his next effort. He has engineered a remarkable transition from classical music into the pop arena without sacrificing a scintilla of his integrity in the process. That’s no small thing in 2021. We can rest assured he will continue bringing the same lively and rigorous spirit to bear on future work as well. “Beautiful Stranger” and “Valentine” are among the best pop offerings available today.  

Nicole Killian

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