Michael Fillios releases Tech Debt 2.0

Tech Debt 2.0: How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Bottom Line is a timely book. Michael Fillios boasts more than a quarter century experience as a leading voice in operations management, change leadership, fiancé, and IT. It behooves one to heed the words of a man who is an advisory board member to numerous startup technology companies and invited to appear as a guest speaker at frequent industry events. Fillios is, as of this year, founder and CEO of The IT Ally Institute, an IT and Cyber Advisory non profit focusing on ensuring small and medium sized businesses gain access to research, knowledge, and the best practices for strengthening their tech bottom line. Tech Debt encapsulates much, if not all, of his observations on the subject in a rewarding and informative book.

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I find the tone compelling. It isn’t as if Fillios is remaking the writing wheel with this book, but he never adopts the stentorian diction you might expect from such a person. This is a writer who doesn’t want to “talk down” to the reader but speaks to them from a position of respect and with a genuine desire to help. He demonstrates that further incorporating much of his personality in the text. It may often be as simple as a Ghostbusters reference, but the cumulative effect of these things gives me the impression of being in an one on one conversation with Fillios. 

It is difficult to refute his ideas in the book. Fillios, over the course of the book’s three parts, lays out a case for how tech debt is a long-standing threat to small and medium businesses. He goes on to discuss the various ways the ever-evolving threat appears and lays out a path for those in a leadership position to address them. One of the central messages of the book, especially early on, is how the lightspeed changes occurring in the world today demand a robust response to these issues. The warning implicit in this point of view is an important aspect of Tech Debt 2.0

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There’s a lot of research strengthening this book and it is well chosen for the way it strengthens Fillios’ points. He calls upon the experiences of other successful small to medium sized business professionals in quotations and their insights are illuminating. The book isn’t long at all and, in all honesty, Fillios aims it for a narrow audience. Tech Debt 2.0: How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Bottom Line is written for leaders in small and medium sized businesses. Despite his probable aims, anyone with an interest in the business world will find the book to be an involving reading experience. A final interesting aspect of the book is how it is timely, yes, but has enduring value. The heart of Tech Debt 2.0: How to Future Proof Your Small Business and Improve Your Bottom Line is how it shares timeless values and practices for small and medium sized business to embrace.

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