Gabriele Saro releases Skippin’

Gabriele Saro is, if nothing else, eclectic. He earned degrees in Business Administration and Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as diplomas in Violin and Composition for Film Music. The Italian based performer polymath-like talents place him in an unique position for success in the music world. He has garnered numerous awards during his professional musical journey and his prodigious creativity has produced over ninety albums in both the electronica and classical music genres among others. His primary medium for musical expression finds him ordinarily composing music for documentary films, but the single “Skippin’” is firmly in a pop vein despite its classical overtones and has him working with talented collaborators Yves Agbessi and Francesco Siliotto. 


The standalone single begins with sparkling piano and vocals. The classical slant present at the outset of the track remains an abiding factor throughout the track, but Saro soon balances it with conventional pop backing complimenting the song’s initial musical impulse. The production renders the musical and vocal elements of the track in robust fashion and adopts a broad-based approach paying equal attention to each component. 

There’s an obvious electronic tilt to the backing track. “Skippin’” has pre-programmed drums that, nonetheless, provide a strong percussion track for the arrangement without ever overwhelming the recording. The synthesizers present in the track offer the performance a great deal of additional color it would otherwise lack. He handles the various instrumental elements with uniform tastefulness. It is a notable strength of this single how Saro weaves the classical and pop influences with such skillful confidence. Another strong suit is the assortment of peaks and valleys built into the arrangement – the song’s climatic moments pay off in a big way for listeners.

Tremendous heart shines through despite the song’s polished veneer. You hear that heart come through in the singing particularly. There’s an orchestrated quality to the vocal arrangement, but the singing strikes an undeniably emphatic emotional note without ever lapsing into histrionics. The song’s lyrical content is, perhaps, a surprise. The musical strengths are so substantial that, frankly, Saro could have contented himself with adding a placeholder lyric, but it is clear Saro and his collaborators put a great deal of effort into this facet of the single as well. The lyrics make a memorable personal statement without ever coming across as inaccessible or obscure. 

The song’s four and a half minute running time is an ideal length for the cut. Saro’s instincts in every aspect of the song’s presentation are unerring and it makes this single a remarkably vibrant and colorful performance. “Skippin’” shows Gabriele Saro as one of the most talented indie musical artists working today and, despite the prolific clip he maintains producing new music, there doesn’t appear to be any hints of creative exhaustion during this performance. His creativity is as much in evidence by the song’s conclusion as it is when the song begins and we can expect future music from Gabriele Saro to follow the same upward trajectory based on the value of “Skippin’”.

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