Gala: “Jewelry With A Mind and Attitude of its Own” “Fashion For Passion”

Gala Fashions goes where no other jewelry has gone before. Each one of a kind piece evokes its own personal attitude and immersive experience. It’s bold, yet elegant. It’s androgynous, yet feminine. It’s Goth, yet Urban. It’s noisy, yet quiet. It’s fluid, yet sexy….and every creation is different, no two pieces are ever a like.

Creating jewelry from a boutique studio in Toronto, Gala Fashions develops and produces innovative, contemporary jewelry and accessories sold all over the world. Each artistic piece is crafted by hand using textures, the finest European leathers, and the highest quality hardware. The fashion can be personalized, or remodeled from out of date leather styled items. Gala Fashions strive to create your dreams…..

I spoke intimately with creator Gala who proclaims that she began producing her audacious and diverse styles out of nowhere, as if someone celestial just kissed her on her forehead one day. She is a master of imagination and fantasy when generating her unique styles. Her jewelry it’s more than just jewelry, it’s a lifestyle.

Gala, what inspired you to begin creating your jewelry line?

A lot of things happened in my life and I had no way to express all of those feelings. I have no explanation. I started two years ago. I have the knowledge, or maybe the genes from my father. I never had the chance to do this before in my life. I used to live in Russia where I was an engineer. That helps me to make my jewelry very accurate because I’m used to working with blue prints. After I got divorced in Russia, I married someone else who tried to put me down all the time. I divorced him also and lost everything. Something happened after that, up in the sky. I feel like someone came down and kissed me on the forehead. I have a friend who is an artist and I paid her to do a piece of jewelry for me. I wore it to my current husband’s award ceremony. It broke and I decided to fix it myself. I loved fixing it and I decided I can do it myself. Believe it or not, two months later I was making jewelry pieces. It was a miracle. I don’t have any explanation.

It seems from your work that you really love it and put your whole heart into your creations.

Even when I’m exhausted when I do the jewelry it just relaxes me. It gives me more energy. I love what I’m doing.

So people order you Fashions from your website of Instagram?

The only problem I have is that when I hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the jewelry so that I can put it on my website, the pieces are sold almost immediately. I like to show people that I have a lot of different looks to choose from. They are all one of a kind. You will never ever find anything the same.

Everyone wants to be the only one.

I also see a lot of commercials where people make things from leftover stuff, like secondhand stuff. I never use my leather from a leftover hand bag or anything like that. It’s all new stuff. My suppliers are from Germany and Italy, and from all around Europe. It’s all brand new stuff and it’s really quality leather. You can feel it. Plus I never work with plastic. If I use stones I use mirrors or Swarovski.

Will you eventually be offering more expensive items?

I do not use diamonds yet, but I have a feeling I want to start going that way. I want to use more expensive stones. I want to start using diamonds and gold. It’s a different look, a different fashion to offer.

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