“Get My Mind Right” by Lexi Todd

Brooklyn, N.Y., continues to produce some of music’s most interesting and genre-bending artists. Lexi Todd, who’s “Get My Mind Right” follows along like a self-mantra anyone can get behind. Sounding a bit like Grace Potter, Todd’s song is a reminder that vintage still rocks. Carrying the song with her strong vocals and perky organ playing, “Get My Mind Right” is the perfect song to get your day-going.

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Lyrically, the song relies heavily on the chorus:  “I got good vibes all the time, if I let them slide, then I get them right back in line…” Todd is a breath of fresh air, at the same time, there’s a seasoning in her voice that is like smooth whiskey. She’s just enough rough and tumble to feel like she’s lived an interesting life. What I really liked most about this song, besides Todd’s vocals, is the rhythm. It’s a toe-tapper and in a Lily Allen-sort of way- bright and an overall happy disposition. You feel like whomever is singing this song would be a fun person to have a nice conversation with; or at the very least, this song could be about the person at a café, that you’re watching from afar, that is just trying to make things right in their life and stay on the ‘right path.’ We all have different definitions of what the path might look like, but Todd seems to portray herself as the protagonist waiting for a new day and while she might not have it all together, she knows how to pull herself up by the boot straps and make things right in her world.

The percussion on this song is very subtle. Todd really focuses on her vocals and the bop-bop-bop of the melodious piano organ. “Get My Mind Right” has this strong sense of happiness, yet the listener feels this lingering thought of ‘what went wrong that she has to get her mind right?’ That thought evokes a feeling of mystery and perhaps some distress. The music bed and Todd’s vocal delivery is nowhere near this sense, but a little bit of the tones and the core sound suggest otherwise. A smidge. This song is such a nice little ditty, that it seems unfair to characterize it as anything but a lovely tune, but the critic in me wants to dig a bit deeper. Let’s face it, I had the time to keep listening to it and my mind went-a-wandering down the rabbit hole. For all we know, she wrote the song after a walk on the busy and characteristically fun Brooklyn-sidewalks.

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“Get My Mind Right” has this incredible way of dipping into several genres of music: pop, R&B, jazz and again, that vintage soul. Todd showcases an impressive way of not only singing but her charm and her undeniable star power is her voice. She carries this song in more ways than one – and the keyboard may play second fiddle, but it’s a close race. A magical wave of nostalgia mixed with unbridled confidence happens when the magic of Todd’s voice and that killer keyboard fuse together.

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