GOOGLE ALERT: Composer Randy Edelman Exposes Google Mistakes & Requests Correction

Mistakenly, world renowned composer Randy Edelman has been improperly credited with composing upwards of 50 tunes recorded by “The Chipmunks”… The error seemingly occurred when Edelman wrote the orchestral score for the first live action movie from Alvin and Friends in 1987 and recorded it in London with the Royal Philharmonic.”

For example, the “Witch Doctor” song was written in 1958 and performed by ROSS BAGDASARIAN under the stage name of David Seville. His own voice was sped up to double speed a technique later used to create Alvin and the Chipmunks. So why is this song and many other “Chipmunk” songs mostly written by Bagdasarian credited as being written by Randy Edelman? This question is posed to Google?


Now while Edelman did indeed write the soundtrack for the film The Chipmunk Adventure” and some of the movie’s original songs “Off to See the World”, “Flying With the Eagles”, and the most heartwarming song ever written “Friends”,  he did not write the songs that jump out from his page when googled, (Witch Doctor, The Chipmunk Song, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, You  Spin Me Round by Pete Burns, etc.). Reviews of the soundtrack and HIS song “Off to See the World” dub him “one of the unsung heroes of the soundtrack” and go on to say “ the entire feature of benefits from his melodic skills, right from the opening with the main theme. Edelman wrote this composition for the films balloon ascension sequence beautifully rented in smooth harmony, with the chipmunk and chip it voices. It’s not grading, it’s just great.”

There are various instructions as to how one can fix Google blunders, however none of them have worked for Randy or the experts who have tried to help him. Although Google may not always be right it is still considered the most reliable search engine for daily use. It is believed that spammers are using artificial intelligence tools to create an ocean of content, and googles algorithms are ranking some of those robot generated pages ahead of information you actually need. While according to federal law, google cannot be held legally responsible for  content  posted by third parties, their immunity is not unlimited and they can be sued. Technically your phone is always listening, and Google assistant is always active. If this is truly the case, Edelman is asking Google to kindly correct these inaccuracies. 

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