International POP Star Aaron Paul Tells All In Provocative New Biography “I Don’t Care!”

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International pop star Aaron Paul has teamed up with award-winning journalist Nathan James to bring you a stunning, provocative look into the multifaceted journey of celebrity life.  Their new book, I Don’t Care!  Lessons In Life, Love, Music & Boybands, is a sober, witty, and sometimes poignant reflection of Aaron’s life and times as a popular recording artist, producer, and fashionista takes the reader from his early days as an aspiring musician in the back streets of London’s Battersea section, through discovery by famed producer Simon Cowell, which rocketed him to stardom as the front man of global boyband sensation Worlds Apart, and his creative journeys, which brought him to New York City, to his present-day emergence as a solo vocalist in his own right.

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As the story progresses, Aaron’s struggles with his family, his secret sexual orientation, and the demands of celebrity status, and other trials, teach the young artist priceless lessons in navigating life in the turbulent entertainment industry.  Along the way, Aaron begins to rediscover himself as a person and as a public figure, as he grows and evolves into other pursuits, including production, and as a fashion critic.  His relationships with lovers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean help shape Aaron’s unique perspective on love, and eventually, at peace with his true self, Aaron comes out of the closet, and embraces the LGBT community, as both advocate and artist.

Each chapter of I Don’t Care! takes its title from songs sung by the artist over the course of his career, giving new meaning to both his words and the music upon which they are based.  The reader joins with Aaron on his odyssey of self-discovery and evolution, and other significant voices from Aaron’s life add perspective to his amazing story.  In the pages of this revealing volume, Aaron holds nothing back—telling his tale to Nathan and you, as openly and unabashedly as only he can.

I Don’t Care! culminates with Aaron’s recent appearance at New York’s iconic Carnegie Hall, where he debuted his new single Drag Queen, and ends with a look ahead at his upcoming new album Dance, and other achievements.  You can get your copy of this unforgettable story at, and at fine bookstores everywhere!

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