Pauline Irene Stacey Author Of “No Time To Clean: Listen to Pauline!”

Pauline Irene Stacey has recently released her amazing book “No Time To Clean: Listen to Pauline.” She is here to rescue everyone from the drudgery of house cleaning and teach how to free up more time for fun. 

Lay your house-cleaning blues to rest; Pauline Irene Stacey gives the reader step-by-step instructions and tips on how to perform weekly cleaning in three hours or less. You will never again clean your house the same way: you will have an entirely new technique and a whole new attitude! This book has time-saving advice to increase the quality of your personal life and leave you with a peace of mind and a clean home!

“No Time To Clean? Listen to Pauline!” will teach you how to save time and money with practical solutions to everyday common problems of keeping your home clean. You will never spend an entire Saturday performing weekly cleaning chores. Pauline comes to your rescue and explains why we do not like housecleaning and gives basic tips on making the job more pleasant and fast through a simple system. 

“No Time To Clean? Listen to Pauline!” will give you that valuable time with the ones you love. A book on a stage all by itself and so relatable and useful literally to everyone. Pauline Irene Stacey will leave you with a peace of mind knowing your home is clean and you have time for you.

The last thing many people want to do is clean….please convince them it’s not all that bad…and especially convince me!

Cleaning is a necessary part of life, no getting around it.  So, it is something we have to deal with.  Like with anything else in life, we can have a bad attitude about it or we can have a good attitude about it.

According to the American cleaning institute, 34% of Americans are concerned that they are not cleaning enough and 31% of Americans are concerned that they are not cleaning correctly.

Millions and millions of people find themselves feeling guilty about the house not being clean or not having enough time to do it.

No Time To Clean? Listen To Pauline! takes you to a guilt free place, a place where the system teaches the reader how to save time, stress, money, and energy and most importantly gives them a peace of mind.

I teach people about the psychology of why we hate cleaning and discuss in detail how to get into a proper mindset, how to feel good about doing this chore, and how to actually enjoy themselves.  I don’t just tell people, “Think positive, be happy.“ 

In addition, I give them specific instructions on what type of equipment and supplies to use and explain how using the right supplies and equipment will also dramatically change their attitude.

Once the reader gets the system down, which should only take 2 to 3 times, they very quickly realize that they could actually enjoy the experience and they will soon realize that they will never again have to spend an entire Saturday performing weekly housecleaning chores. When you have a system, things flow, go faster, and you always know that there is an end in sight.

Readers are motivated by 1) knowing it is nowhere near as horrible a task as they thought in the past, 2) the feeling that they get when they are done and that they have the rest of the weekend to spend with their friends, family, and most importantly themselves, and 3) they will stop thinking about cleaning for the rest of the entire week!

Who would best benefit from your book? 

Anyone who wants to find some extra time for themselves to do with whatever they please. Anyone who wants to stop thinking about cleaning all week long.  Anyone who wants to save money on a cleaning service.  Everyone tasked with weekly housecleaning, whether it is the Mom or the Dad or if you live alone.  Everyone deserves more time – more time for fun, family & most importantly, themselves.

I guarantee you that once someone reads and learns about this system, they will wonder why in the world has no one ever taught us how to clean.  They will never go back to the old way, never. The book literally helps people reclaim their weekends to do whatever makes them happy and frees them from the chains of the guilt and never-ending thinking about cleaning!

However, I will tell you that when I wrote the book, I was a single Mom with no child support putting myself through college and when I discovered this system, all I could think about was the single moms of the world that are trying to do everything and how they NEEDED to know about this cleaning system.

Imagine walking up to a single mom and asking her if she would like and extra 3-5 hours per week to do anything she wanted to do. That is the gift this book gives to people!

Is there a psychology surrounding cleaning? Please explain…

Yes, 100%.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”  Minus a rare few, most people just hate cleaning.  It is a dirty, boring, time-consuming, never-ending, thankless, and yet absolutely necessary part of life. So how do we change the way we look at it?  

The irony about my cleaning book, “No Time To Clean? Listen To Pauline!”, is that I do not discuss the process of cleaning until Chapter 6. The first five chapters discuss in detail the psychology and science of why we hate cleaning, gives specific detailed instructions on how to get in the proper frame of mind, how using the right tools make any job easy (as my Dad always used to say), the science behind why we think cleaning takes so long, how to set yourself up just prior to cleaning, and even where to start.

Most importantly, I go deep into the psychology of how we spend more time “thinking” about cleaning than actually cleaning and how that can take a psychological toll on a person.

I teach people how to stop thinking about cleaning!

Is there a favorite part of cleaning that you personally love and if so, why?  

Oh, yes, the end result!  I think we all can say that there is just something about the house being clean that gives us a sense of freedom, happiness, order, and relaxation.

I have been accused by my family of “liking cleaning.”  However, I quickly explain that I do not necessarily like the process, or the activity itself, I like the result, the feeling, and the freedom that we can all move on with our lives when it is done.

My desire is that others too will look forward to what they can do with their extra time during the week once they adopt this cleaning system.

What in life influenced you to write this book?

No Time To Clean? Listen To Pauline! was actually written 33 years ago.

I was a single mom, my family lived 1500 miles away, and I was receiving no child support. I was cleaning houses to support myself and my five-year-old daughter and to put myself through college full-time.

Because of my busy and demanding schedule, I had to figure out how to make the most use of my time. In addition, I was under a tight schedule to have to pick up my daughter by 6PM  at day care or they would charge me $25 for every five minutes I was late.  So, I would go to school for five hours in the morning, then head to clean a couple of houses, and then to pick up my daughter in time. 

I knew that I had to maximize my time cleaning houses while still doing a perfect job for my clients.  As time went on, I began developing techniques based on case studies I was studying in my management courses in college that would speed up the process. 

Once I perfected the system and was able to clean a house in three hours or less, I knew that I absolutely had to share this with the rest of the world. I knew that they were millions of people in my shoes who deserved to know about a cleaning system that would help them stop thinking about cleaning and take their weekends back!  

I actually dedicated my book to the reader.

Are you currently working on any other projects? 

Currently, I am working on publishing a Spanish version of the book while my goal is to see this book take off and really spread the idea of the cleaning system  Then I have something brewing that is deeply emotional that again, most can relate to and that will help them cope with another unpleasant part of life, and after that something that will change people’s paths in life in a way they could never imagine! I am very excited for the future of sharing ways to help people in areas and ways that no one else has ever thought of or shared.

We are all in this together and we need one another to help us walk our paths with the best possible quality of life.

What advice would you give to someone as creative as you who wanted to write a book on a topic not often written about ?

DO IT!  Dare to be a visionary.  Do not think about what anyone else has done or not done, be you and share with the world your thoughts and ideas.  You would be very shocked to find that millions would benefit from you sharing your knowledge and experiences – don’t prejudge, put it out there and let it grow its wings!  There are 7 billion people in the world – they are waiting for you.  Don’t let them down.

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