Interview with Nick Johnson and Justine Blazer

We are diggin’ Done Done Done. Tell us the story behind the music… 

Nick&Justine: Thank you! It’s not necessarily a “break up” song.  That’s overdone. This is about leaving behind whatever in your life that’s negative.  Could be a relationship, a job, a situation, a bad friendship… It’s about sticking up for yourself and not settling. 

Any challenges to recording music as a duet?

Nick&Justine: We didn’t have any challenges.  It was a smooth sailing project.  Super fun! 

What was the production process? Any studio stories to share?

Nick: The feedback section in the bridge was fun! If you listen close there’s some stuff going on in there! 

Justine: We track each instrument one by one.  Nick worked his tail off tracking the bass, the guitar, the lead guitar, the electric, the vocals and harmonies. It was fun, during a section of the song, we wanted a guitar feedback section. My intern was in the studio that day, Megan Harper, she helped us achieve that sound.  She was cranking the overdrive pedals and mic positioning. It was a great result and so much fun! 

Can you each please describe your signature sound in three words or less?

Nick: Elegant, passionate, pure. 

Justine: Unconventional, edgy, sassy! 

This song definitely has a dance vibe! What are your go-to dance moves?

Nick: I do my Dougie, yo. 

Justine: Shaking my booty of course! 

This video looks like you guys were having a blast! How do you keep the energy high when performing?

Nick: Of course you feed off of each other. I mean Rock n Roll makes you shake your ass! No?

Justine: Lots of coffee and red bull! Just feeding off each other’s energy. It was so much fun! 

Plans for 2021?

Nick: Release new songs into the wild and get as many people as possible jamming all over the world!!

Justine: More music of course! I’m just going to keep cranking them out! And having fun doing it! 

Thank you for great music and thank you for your time! 





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