Franchesco De Rosa Releases New Single

It’s not the holiday season until you hear “Last Christmas” from WHAM or “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” from Paul McCartney and Wings on endless loop on your local Christmas station. Well, the good news for boys and girls all over the world is that Santa has yet another goody in his bag. Well, not Santa, but rather Franchesco De Rosa. The new Christmas EDM (yes, you read that right), track “Christmas Festa” is spreading peace, love and cheer across the globe. His real name is Frank Robinson but perhaps Mr. Christmas better suits him.

Brimming with pizzaz and feverish, tendrils of rhythm and dropped beats, “Christmas Festa” squeezes the listener tightly. It’s for sure that this song has the cure for your winter blues or the holiday humbugs in your social circles. No ailing allowed after you hear the explosion of sonic bliss and cascading electronica. Also recording under the name Mountain Rio, Robinson has released country music and the Christmas song “Rockabilly Christmas”. As a listener, you can feel his love for the season, but also the passion and sincerity he has for his fans. It’s evident in the music, with the attention to detail he presents, that he’s not just phoning it in.


So where does his sound take you? Where does it transport you? It’s up to you. I felt like this is such an airy, light EDM track that there were never any down moments. Yes, the beat drops, but the adrenaline flow is very elevated. I felt like I was flying and the sky was the limit. I wanted to live in the sounds coming from the speakers. Christmas music can be very personal, very touching. I do think this music is very relatable, but it’s also very reminiscent of gathering. What I mean is, it’s very communal. You feel the need to be around people, to dance when you listen to this. I know, I know, that’s the same with just about every EDM track, but this one feels especially welcoming. Not only does it put in you the Christmas spirit, but “Christmas Festa” drives you to escape the night away through dance. Isn’t that the point of EDM? The music comes alive, your body is tingling on each level and in complete unison, parallel to the pulsating. “Christmas Festa” screams reds, greens and golds – all the colors that Christmas conjures is put to sound in this wonderful concoction. Franchesco De Rosa takes special efforts and moments to discern those colors, with fierce, warp-like speed and then a showering of sparkler-like sound waterfalls. Imagine a swimming in a sea of champagne, or riding a skateboard through a marshmallow – there, you got it now.


Overall “Christmas Festa” is a chance to feel all of your senses, an opportunity to take all that the Christmas season has for you. If anything, too, it’s a chance to work off those extra calories from the fudge and cookies you’ve been sneaking and sweat them off  on the dance floor. “Christmas Festa” is an all-around winning track.

Nicole Killian

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