InterviEw with The NoBS

What is the most proud piece of work you’ve put out so far in your career?

The NoBS is most proud of our new double album, “the NoBS Live 1981”

What’s your favorite verse in a song? 

That is not possible to say…

Do your songs translate what’s going on in your life currently? 

All of our music, rock, r&b, soul, funk, punk, derives from the working class, BLUES… so yes, it’s all about real life…

Give us one word to describe your music? 


Give us one to describe you as a band? 


What would fans be surprised to know about you all? 

We are at our core, Three Brothers, who all play bass, guitar and sing…

Worst advice not to follow for the band just starting out?

Never Give Up on yourself… even when your band falls apart, put together a new band… play solo for awhile… just keep going… look at the NoBS: formed in 1980, disbanded in 1985, reformed in 2017… never stop dreaming and playing!

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