Latisha Moye: The Rihanna Of Hair Design

In a cozy and intimate Beauty salon in Middle Island (132 Middle Country Road),  Latisha Moye is living out her passion and dream in the most creative and unique possible way. Working 7 days a week, all hours of the day and evening, while raising 2 children, and coming from a family of 10 children, Latisha is a self made-empowering woman with styling visions comparable to the innovative and prolific music talents of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. Getting her business off the ground originally by working Uber and Lyft, Latisha quickly developed a vast clientele and continues to service them while preparing for the next level. 

Latisha also frequently travels into Manhattan for occasions such as New York City Fashion Week preparing models for their walk of fame down the runways of celebrity fashion designers. Looking like a model herself Latisha’s desire is to enter and win a fantasy hair competition however she is about to enter into the world of high fashion herself without even knowing it. 

I met Latisha quite by accident through Jen at Amron Copy Corp., also located in Middle Island while desperately seeking someone to fix my chaotic, loose, disintegrating Extensions. Jen recommended “Sky’s The Limit Dry Bar” hair salon, of which Latisha was the owner.

“Sky’s The Limit Dry Bar”, (named after Latisha’s 7 year old daughter), specializes in nearly every kind of hair you can imagine from color to dreads to extensions, urban perms, and creative styling. Latisha is fast, reasonably priced, and loves doing hair. I spoke to Latisha regarding her career, her inspirations and future efforts…..A true hair visionary Latisha’s ideas are about to explode….

What made you want to do hair?

It was my passion! I remember doing my doll’s hair all the time. I remember one time my cousin cut my doll’s hair and I was really mad. I came home one day and it was shaved. I think I was 10 and I still remember being so mad. I have always been doing hair. 

You started really early?

Yeah, when I was about 13.

What do you think that inspires you to be so creative?

My mind just thinks different thoughts, it’s always wandering. I dream about hair styles when I’m asleep. Everybody tells me when I get home I have to cut off the business part and focus on home. I think my anxiety is high because I’m thinking about hair 24/7. But when I get home I start thinking about different things I can do, I start looking on YouTube, and then I’ll dream about something, wake up, and try to eventually create it. I want to be in one of those fashion completions for hair. I’m always thinking about something. If an idea pops into my head, I’m able to do it, I can’t tell you how but I can do it.

You’re here a short time and you built up your clientele?

When I first opened I had 3 clients, now I have clients every day. I opened November 2018. 

What’s the difference doing white hair and black hair?

There isn’t really a difference to me. I think that I’m so versatile I can do any kind of hair. I get that question a lot. I can do any kind of hair. 

What do you enjoy doing the most?

Colors are fun. Braids. Extensions are easy for me and I like to do stuff that present a challenge. I like to do hairstyles where people want to be different. For example your extensions were blonde and then you wanted colors thrown in, so that was fun. Normally people come in and I just sew extensions in and that’s a normal style, but it’s more fun to do styles with people when they want to be different. I like clients that trust me and tell me to do whatever, to pick a color, or to pick a style.

132 Middle Country Road

Middle Island NY 11953


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