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Many companies have attempted to find success in the world of e-commerce. Only a select few, however, demonstrate the staying power marking them as a yearly winner. Bluewill, however, has taken the necessary moves to realize their potential and build a track record ensuring lasting prosperity.

The most important step is the company’s underlying philosophy. “Sharing Is Saving” refers to Bluewill’s “Group Buy” feature promising up to a 70% discount for customers when they order from Bluewill, pay to create a group and share a link to that group across multiple social media platforms.

Bluewill’s long-standing connections with several respected companies help give group buying or purchasing considerable allure. They are focused, first and foremost, on providing an online platform dedicated to filling individual’s home and lifestyle needs and those robust partnerships enables Bluewill to offer front-line items rather than trafficking inferior products.

Other qualities separate them from would-be contemporaries and peers. Bluewill’s price matching with qualifying retailers and free shipping further testifies to the company’s commitment to saving customers money. Some are surviving the ongoing pandemic relatively unscathed yet options such as price matching and free shipping illustrate the company’s consideration for how COVID-19 has stricken others.

Another sign of their commitment to customer service is the two-year limited warranty offered on all products. This additional layer of security, coupled with a 14 day money-back guarantee on purchases bolsters the confidence of hesitant buyers inherently suspicious of e-commerce  and places the onus on Bluewill to ensure customer satisfaction. It is a responsibility the company embraces.


The company embraces other roles as well. They are engaged corporate citizens who believe what benefits society at large likewise benefits the company’s bottom line. Bluewill puts their proverbial money where their mouth is with “Dimes Worth a Difference”, a program siphoning ten cents from every dollar made and diverting the proceeds towards purchasing N95 facemasks. The company then donates the masks to selected American high schools. Bluewill’s current “Back to School” promotion is included in this program and offers the same deep discounts available elsewhere.

They want to make you a part of their success as well. The company’s affiliate program gives interested parties a clear path towards making up to 30% in commissions for referring new customers who make a purchase. It’s a shrewd business move increasing the company’s potential for long-term profit. Providing customers with a financial incentive for “spreading the word” about Bluewill is, without question, effective motivation.

 Even a cursory examination of what Bluewill offers reveal a company intent on being an e-commerce player for decades to come. Moreover, it reveals that the company’s creative brain trust latched on to several key features destined to become defining elements of Bluewill’s reputation.

Their innovations in e-commerce will likely be copied by companies to come. What will continue making Bluewill stand out from the pack, however, is the personal empathetic touch characterizing each aspect of their customer experience. They are a human company, not some remote corporation, intent on bettering the lives of their customers. It’s a timeless formula everyone values. 

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