“Livin’ The Dream” and “Together” by American Greed

American Greed is the project of former Chuck Berry and Head East drummer, Michael Mesey. They have released two new singles, entitled “Livin’ The Dream,” and “Together.” Their entire lineup consists of highly decorated musicians, including a cameo by former Allman Brothers and Dickey Betts keyboardist, Johnny Neel. Their sound is an amalgam of their previous styles, but seems dominated with a conscientious message of appreciating what we have. AG seems to place their heart in the lead, and it has a stirringly sentimental result.

First up, is “Together,” on which Lead Vocalist, Dave Farver, longs to shorten the proximity , between he and an unspecified interest. The band claims the song has a more generalized message of unity and harmony. Ever the patriotic sense of duty, the band also cites having the U.S. Military in mind, when penning the song. It’s an effective title, as it carries so many variables and of course is easy to remember. “Together” boasts a fervently emotional performance, that has a touch of innocence and an aloof optimism.

“Together” is well mixed, with a highly competent arrangement. It’s much less sparse than “Livin’ The Dream,” making use of the band’s ability to produce that “fuller sound” that most rock oriented bands strive to. It won’t feel groundbreaking, but upon taking a risk on something you may not be overly familiar with, it sounds pleasantly polished. Harmonies and backing vocals do a fine of job of making this one feel immersive, as the guitar sets the tone, with a classy level of distortion. “Together” is a near expert performance, that touches exactly the right nerve.

“Livin’ The Dream” is yet another emotionally poignant effort, that’s compartmentalized, but not choppy. Everyone gets a chance to shine, on this track, by admirably setting aside any egos. It’s purportedly about looking back on your life, and choosing to embrace all of it with a deep sense of gratitude. It harkens us back to the time of soulful British blues bands of the 60’s and 70’s. “Livin’ The Dream takes on existential and introspective subject matter, but is sure to brighten the moments of clarity.

The snare on this track is extra tasty, as Mesey reminds us, where he has been, and who he is. It cannot be overstated how virtually gorgeous the mastering is here. It was a true collaboration between band and engineer, and it is nothing short of gangbusters. “Livin’ The Dream” is as clean as this brand of rock, can get. Yet, the song is still pulsating and moving, without throwaway noise, or excessive blankets of sound.

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American Greed has shot right from the heart, on these two. It’s clear their music has an agenda, but refreshing to know it’s purely positive and well-intentioned.  This could have devolved into a vanity project, but instead took on a self-fulfilling focus and responsibility. Both are supremely well written, and while not innovative, performed with sincere conviction. Complicated questions/and answers, no one knew, is the opening lyric, and while the answers aren’t readily available, the conversation itself is enough to spark hope.

Nicole Killian

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