“Mom to Millionaire” Road map by Dr. Margaret Curlew

I’m always looking out for others who jump from a job mentality to creating wealth for themselves and others. So when I got Dr. Margaret Curlew’s book, “Mom To Millionaire,” I was eager to read it. Within the first few pages, I ran into her book’s formatting issues, spread throughout her book, and distracted from her good content. I don’t linger at other’s faults but look for the nuggets of quality information that I can take away. She hits her stride in chapter two with this comment, “No one made their precious wealth by being frugal or clipping coupons or collecting air miles points on their credit cards.”

Her next “AHA” moment came a few paragraphs later, “My journey to financial bliss precisely began with my decision to track my net worth to understand where I financially was at the time.” Nail, meet hammer! You begin your new path to financial wealth by watching how you spend your money. As Curlew mentioned, she took out two bad habits with her first decision: She quit smoking. She saved money no longer buying cigarettes, and her health improved. Double Win! Next! However, “how is skipping a cup of coffee going to make you productive? Please help me understand how saving $5 a day is going to make you fruitful.

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”Not buying your favorite $5 Starbucks daily cups of coffee amounts to saving $1,200 a year. “Don’t deprive yourself!” is her comment, I’d agree. But depriving oneself making $30K/year will look different than someone making $150K/year. Making your coffee at home costs pennies, and you can occasionally splurge and buy your favorite Starbucks coffee. But now you repurpose your current spending on coffee into investing the savings in yourself. Buy books or take courses to learn more. Curlew found out that once you know where you are on your financial map, the next step is to understand where you’re going: “If you want financial success, you need to generate more revenue. I mean big revenue.” It’s hammer time! Not squandering but saving your money is only one side of the wealth coin. Curlew’s comment, “Abandon the poor-person mentality. Think abundance.” is the other side of the coin. “I picked out a few successful and famous people in the world that I had admired and read their biography. […]

They were all self-employed and self-made individuals. None of them had a 9 to 5 job.” Her journey seeking out and trying many other streams of incomes showed failures and obstacles would become financial successes as long as you learn from these life situations. Amateurs do things until they get it right once, pros learn until they never get it wrong. Curlew says it correctly, “If you are going to belong to the top 5%, you got to think the way the people of the top 5% think. You got to act like them. You got to find out what their mindset is and develop the same kind of mindset.” The right answer, now, if she were to apply this mindset to her book formatting, she’d have a better book.

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