Ethan Gold drops new Single-Video

In his latest music video, colorful faces, most bearing a warm smile, fill our screen and impart the lyrics to Ethan Gold’s new single “Our Love is Beautiful” one by one to us, together forming an unspoken harmony that is perhaps as touching as the substance of this latest release from the acclaimed experimentalist is. The visuals in this video are reminiscent of a moving collage, not unlike the signature melodicism comprising the backbone of this very song. Ethan Gold has made some incredible work in the last few years, but here, he’s getting back to the basics of pop songcraft in a fashion I definitely didn’t expect to hear this summer.


“Our Love is Beautiful” has an incredibly multilayered feel to its melodies, and I can definitely understand why its composer has been compared to the likes of Howard James Kenny and Alex Dingley as much as he has been in the past. Gold rides the rhythm efficiently, but the components of his song are utterly separated both by the compositional arrangement and the style of the mix.

We’re never dividing our attention between the elements but rather embracing what they collectively muster around every turn which, to be frank, is something quite potent to put it as simply as possible.

Far less experimental than some of his previous efforts have been, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ethan Gold returns to the indie spotlight once again this summer with what could be his most pop-friendly effort yet in “Our Love is Beautiful.” Whether it be the joyful music video for the track or the music’s rambunctious hook – and the simple harmonies that make it feel so special – there’s something here to make you fall in love with the heart of Mr. Gold, which is undisputedly at the center of all the catharsis in this latest addition to his discography.

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