Multidisciplinary Designer Bharti Kodnani

Architecture and design are the pioneers of new methods of visualization and representation.

The more complex the world because the more artists find themselves evolving into multidisciplinary fields. Art is no longer a binary of different disciplines, but a fusion of multiple disciplines, techniques, and methodologies with the same goal: connecting and creating visual works which inspire and motivate.

Architecture, design, and 3-D animation were three distinct artistic disciplines in the past which have now merged to create the field of visualization. Architecture, which has scientific components, is the design and artistic representation of spaces; design is the manipulation and creation of artistry for a place and object, and 3-D animation is the sketching and drafting of digital moving images.

Visualization is the marriage of art and science. Visualization enables artists and viewers alike, to see information within data. As an art form, it leverages human perception to make structure, regularities, and patterns apparent and anchors the viewer to cognitive artifacts. This is why artists in this field need an expert command of AutoCAD, 3-D design, and drawing. In order to communicate the unseen information to the viewer, the artist needs to have the flexibility to move through different disciplines to manipulate the medium and engage the viewer.

This specialized knowledge is held by a select few and includes the multidisciplinary designer Bharti Kodnani. Hailing from India, Bharti has worked both in India and the US for major firms such as the award-winning Narayan and Architect Ltd. and the internationally-renowned, NYC-based HLW. HLW’s first commissions were the Metropolitan Telephone Building, the New York Times Building, on the site renamed Times Square in its honor.

In the mid-1920′s, the Barclay-Vesey Building, Western Union, and the Irving Trust Headquarters at One Wall Street were completed. As such, the company only recruits the very best. Serving as a Design Specialist at HLW, Bharti is responsible for working on real-time rendering projects, animations, and 3D print fabrication for major clients
and brands.

Prior to her tenure at HLW, she served as an Architectural Designer at ORE, which won first place in the IIDA Awards competition out of 4,000 entrants with a proposal to replace Incheon, Korea’s infrastructure of conventional asphalt roads with organically grown sandstone streets. ORE also won first place in RIBA’s International Energy Revolution competition, with a design enabling five residential blocks to be powered by bio-engineered algae panels. In this position she was responsible for site photography, working on drawings and diagrams for collaborating with the principal designer on client presentations.

Not only are individuals, such as Bharti becoming more and more multidisciplinary and blurring the lines across artistic disciplines, but firms now recognize that in order to deliver the highest artistic value, they must align themselves with creative that has unique and specialized knowledge in multiple disciplines. This is the future and Bharti has already conquered this.


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