New York Blues Hall Of Famer Regina Bonelli “Killing Floor”

Hall of Famer, soulful singer Regina Bonelli unveiled her hauntingly mysterious new single and video, “Killing Floor”, following the release of her new album “Love Letter”, via True Groove Records. The album is a kaleidoscope of R&B and soulful sounds. As part of the Global Soul genre, Regina is also a powerful performer receiving a standing ovation at this year’s Gloucester Blues Festival backed by soulful phenomenons The True Groove All-Stars.

“This Collection of songs represents empowerment and healing in a world so sorely in need of both. These are tense and trying times we live in today, and I hope that the messages in these songs reach into the souls of the listeners. I truly believe that this is what music can, and should do-especially the Blues”…..Regina Bonelli

You’re a Hall of Fame recipient, tell me that story?

There as an organization in New York and they approached people who have been around for a while doing their thing. They have one in each of the boroughs and I think one in New Jersey. I was contacted and the Organization wanted to honor me about five years ago. So, it was nice to be honored and I felt recognized for all the tooling around for a bunch of years.

How long have you been singing?

I’ve been singing since I’m 6 or 7 years old but professionally since I’m about 17 or 18.

What inspired you to choose blues?

I’ve always been writing my own music. I started playing piano when I was five and then Guitar when I became a teenager. My father was a musician also, so he bought me my first guitar. I was writing music and playing kind of like funk and rock in bands. I always had an original group. I always liked the blues and back then I was into Big Mama Thornton, Sunny Terry, and Brian Magee, and how old the British rock was always mixed up with the classic blues here. I have always been told I have a bluesy voice. I was doing funk and R&B because I loved that music. Then I stopped writing although I never stopped singing. I stopped writing for a minute when I had the kids. I found myself raising them on my own and you’re trying just put one step in front of the other. When they were little my ability to just sit down and decide to write music was hard to get to focus on. But then when I went back doing my own thing, I guess when they started going to school, people always told me I had a bluesy voice. So when I came back I kind of got into that. I started writing things in that genre. That’s what happened. Then after life and doing the single mother thing I had a whole albums worth of materials.

Was that “Love Letters?”

No that was the one before. That was cathartic and that album got airplanes and stuff. Then I met Tomás from True Groove Record label, and we made “Love Letter.”

That video for your new single “Killing Floor”, is over the top.

It’s kind of like a light horror thing. It’s not your usual walking down the street, singing a song video.

It’s haunting and spectacular. It must have been?

It was. We had the costume thing going on and Dylan is very cool to work with. It’s great working when your passion is the music and then with the video it’s great to do that. The label asked for a video with this song and we did it with Dylan. It was a blast.

You have some events coming up soon?

We have some gigs coming up. I just finished the Barrier Beach Festival in Long Beach Long Island on June 15th. Then June 29th we are all going up to Rhode Island to this place called “Chan’s Egg Rolls and Jazz.” It has a funny name but it’s really big on the blues circuit. A lot of big blues people play there. I’m excited about that because that’s going to be my first time in there. After that in July they asked me to do the Buck’s County Blues Society R&B picnic, and that’s in Morrisville Pennsylvania. I’m excited to be playing there with The True Groove All-Stars.

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True Groove Records was founded in 2011 by internationally renowned guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, Tomás Doncker. Referred to as the “fasting rising label in NYC” True Groove boasts a roster of artists spanning across all genres. True Groove believes that MUSIC is truly the universal language and has the power to open minds and hearts around the world.

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