Overcome Harmful Behaviors In “Removing Your Shame Label” Written By Eddie Capparucci, LPC

Tired of being trapped in unhealthy and destructive behaviors? Feeling stuck in moving on and getting the most out of your life? You may not realize it, but you’re probably dealing with deep-rooted shame that negatively impacts your relationship with others and God. In many cases, it is shame that prevents us from moving away from emotionally troubling behaviors.

In Removing Your Shame Label, you will discover how to remove the shame label from your life by overcoming harmful behaviors such as: irrational thinking, the inability to emotionally connect, self-loathing, excessive worry, a hardened heart, and being stuck.

Real case studies help provide insights and real-world solutions to assist you in managing behaviors that destroy relationships, limit personal growth, and cause shame. More importantly, this audiobook opens a new pathway to help you establish a loving and meaningful relationship with God.

Download your copy of Removing Your Shame Label: Learning To Break From Shame And Feel God’s Love,” written by author Eddie Capparucci, LPC and narrated by Garrett Howard  in audiobook format on Audible here:


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