Ora Nadrich: Awakening the Sleepers

Ora Nadrich: Awakening the Sleepers“You see, from the moment you were born, you were groomed to be asleep to the sacred truths of this life, and most things you were told to trust and believe, until now, have contributed to you being more asleep than awake. ‘How can that be?’, you might be asking. The answer is simple, deliberate unconsciousness. This is the state of being uninformed or unaware, and for the most part, we go through life being uninformed, or unaware of many things — until one day, if we are fortunate, something wakes us up like a sudden slap upside the head, and we think, ‘How could I have not known or seen that?’”

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That’s a passage from Ora Nadrich’s new book, Time to Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness. Whether or not you agree with Ms. Nadrich, what you can’t deny is her charisma, passion, and sense of pace. She provides interesting, thoughtful, alternate takes – things that deliciously border on the precipice between radical and outside-of-the-box. Nadrich makes no apologies, though, and even some of the most divisive parts of the read are packed to the brim and backed up by circumstantial, evidential citations, and well-reasoned, logical arguments.

“What if I were to tell you that you are being intentionally uninformed to remain unaware so that you don’t wake up to think, ‘How could I have not known or seen that?’” Nadrich writes, in almost ominous prose. “…If you thought any of those things, that’s perfectly natural. It’s normal for the mind to default to disbelief when our beliefs are being challenged. How can you go through your entire life believing something is true, and then one day, someone comes along and tells you that what you have been believing is a lie? That probably seems so extreme and feels as if the carpet has been pulled right out from under you, and that’s exactly what this book is intended to do. To pull you right out of your cozy, cushy, comfy zone, and stick you right into the coldest wake up shower you’ve ever taken.”

She adds, “…Please take a moment to ask yourself if you were one of those people who believed everything that was told to you during one of the most difficult times in our history. We were all very vulnerable, and susceptible to believing whatever we were told. Did you feel judged or ostracized by others? Did you judge or ostracize anyone because they had a different opinion than you? Did you not feel that you had a right to your personal feelings, or that someone else did?…

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We really need to be aware of what we are experiencing on such a huge global scale, and how it set a whole new precedent for the way we will live in the days ahead. That is why being fully awake and aware is so crucial, to be able to navigate many more serious changes that will happen in the near future, and I can assure you they will truly make you feel that the rug has been pulled out from under you, especially if you were someone who went along with what you were told the whole time, and never questioned any of it. If ever there was a time to be fully awake, it is now!”

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