Phi Tribe Making the World a Better Place One Night at a Time

Though there’s never been much of a debate as to whether or not music has the power to heal and bring people to a more peaceful state of mind than they were in beforehand, there is something all the more potent about the sleep therapy content that Phi Tribe has been presenting on YouTube – and millions have taken note. Sporting an impressive view count that has made a lot of players in the ambient community quite jealous, Phi Tribe offers something a cut above the experimental status quo in this sort of content, ensuring that listeners will be ushered into a state of relaxation more akin to a cerebral experience than that of a normal listening session spent with the average tone-driven music. 


Third Eye Chakra therapy isn’t a new concept, but when it’s presented as texturally as it is in the binaural beats series of videos here, I think it’s a little easier for the average passerby to get intrigued by the concept at hand here. There’s scarcely a moment when listening to this kind of music in which we aren’t inclined to sit back and enjoy the purity of the tonality presented before us, and yet I’m not quite sure that I would call this a work in ambiance outright. There’s something wholly divine, religious even, about the manner in which pulsating melodies are married to an unevenly silent canvas, implying the sort of peace that comes with only the most relaxing of nights spent curled up in bed asleep. 

From an outsider’s perspective, it feels like we’re listening to something that has been constructed over a number of years when dissecting almost any of the content Phi Tribe has to offer at the moment, but there’s also a simplicity to the music here that I wish I could find more of on the pop charts. Where so many artists are left clinging to the notion of tonal balance when they get done recording a piece, I can tell that this is a source unburdened with the kind of pressures a lot of conventional songwriters are forced to face when trying to make a name for themselves in the underground. This isn’t just a scene removed from that sort of stress, but one that feels cultivated around the opposite kind of ideals. 

If you’ve been struggling to get some productive rest in recent times, you really can’t go wrong with the deep sleep content being produced by the likes of Phi Tribe at the moment. There’s something to be said about how so many of the independent climaxes unfold inside of these eight-plus-hour recordings, but unless you take the time to press the play button yourself, describing it can’t do the potency of the material here justice. Phi Tribe has something very special they’re wielding with the erudite nature of the content they’re releasing, and while they’ve already achieved a level of mainstream appreciation this winter, the attention they’re getting doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon. 

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