“Show Me You” the new single from Dynamyte

Jazzy beats, a strutting bassline and a piano’s soft, simple touch are all that it takes to get anyone listening to “Show Me You,” the new single from Dynamyte, lost in the grooves of a devastatingly handsome cocktail of poetic verses and harmony, but while the formula for this striking pop song is relatively simple to the naked ear, a closer examination will yield results suggesting that it’s a bit more complex in construction than it’s smooth cosmetics might suggest. Dynamyte is best known as the Marisa of Michael & Marisa, the musical partnership she formed with her brother (a.k.a. beat-maker MkX) and although the duo gained acclaim in their performances – which included opening stints for artists like Christina Perri and Ariana Grande – this half of M&M sounds more than ready to make something that is truly and completely her own here. “Show Me You” is a fantastically alternative look at a provocative swing. I can see her touring the UK and the crowds would go wild.

She’s got so much panache in her performance here that it’s hard to imagine anything compromising her place at the helm of the sonic wave, and seeing as this is the tone-setter for what will become her own solo career independent from Michael & Marisa (aside from MkX producing this track), I don’t think she could have created a much better way of breaking off on her own than she did with “Show Me You.”

“Show Me You” is a curious taster that makes me interested in the idea of seeing this young woman perform live on her own at some point in the future, and if its lyrical luster and instrumental intricacies are something that we can anticipate hearing more of out of her camp in the 20’s, you can count on seeing her name in the headlines a lot more as the decade comes into focus.

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