“Stressless Success” by Janet McKee

This book includes Instant access to exactly what you need to begin to experience the shift to Stressless Success including The Surprising Secrets to a Successful Life Video Series and Workbook.

Note: This reviewer has not downloaded the extra material and so the review is on the book only.

The McKee claims her book contains the keys to living a successful life.   She claims that even if the reader has achieved some of their goals, there are key pieces which are most likely missing in order to achieving success. Her thesis is that if you are striving to achieve goals in life, you are probably creating undue stress. The book is designed to eliminate the stress and still achieve those goals, to end focusing on the problem and instead focus on the solution. Following her own guidelines, McKee asks the reader to think of what sort of things take you to your place of positivity and then suggests moments of life that can accentuate the positive. So, in her opening chapters she encourages the reader to analyze their goals, how they are attempting to achieve them, and encouraging readers to enjoy the journey.

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Despite her positive attitude, and the uplifting tone of this book, McKee has not always lived an easy life and has fought through personal and health-related hardship. Those journeys have grounded her in the concepts which this book addresses. She gives her testimony as an example of the hard work, determination, and positive attitude needed to pull through any adversity that we may confront us.

I found McKee’s summaries at the end of her chapters, listed in bullet form, helpful for review. I think this book is a great guide for learning to live more fully. The other resources she offers as complements to this book would definitely be a plus to her teaching. McKee claims that her clients testify they experience not only better health and more energy, but they experience less stress, more confidence and clarity, more freedom and joy.

She gives step by step suggestions to make each day a healthy and stress-free day from suggested diet and thought control, how you feel about things that happen around you, and the choices that you make.

Much of what she writes is from her own personal experience. Whereas she mentions a personal struggle with health issues, she also talks about loss and how she was able to overcome that loss while still holding onto her dreams, seeing life as positive instead of focusing on the negative, and pressing on.

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The book is written in a very uplifting happy narrative and it’s easy to catch her positive attitude. She offers hope and solid advice in all things but with a sort of empathy that you know she too has experienced. Never does she make you feel as though she’s talking down to you, but that she understands the struggles that we all face. I can see where this book along with her extra gifts such as the 3-day Banish Burnout: Stressless Success Shift eBook,  the  Twelve PDFs all combined into one amazing Stressless Success Shift™ Workbook, and The Surprising Secrets to a Successful Life Video Series would be life changing additions for those willing to take the course.

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