The Jones Title – “She Don’t Know”

The Jones Title is a NY based band, whose entire existence, seems to make a case for serendipity. It just so happened that each member was in search of something that a future cohort, could provide. In a sort of radially connected way, The Jones Title was established. They describe their sound as “genre-bending,” which most would likely agree to be accurate. On their new single, “She Don’t Know,” you can hear everything from Pop to 90’s flavored Alternative, to Adult Contemporary, and even some light flakes of country.


The song kicks off with a tantalizing bass tone, and is quickly joined by a thumping kick drum. At this point, you’re not sure what you’re in for, as the piece could potentially go in several directions. A subtle, but distinct vocal, then comes in, and we start to get a better feel for the tracks’ tenor and tone. Little do we know, that The JT still have a few aces up their sleeve, yet. The first takeaway is that the song is cleverly composed, and that this band does not subscribe to conventions.

Listening to “She Don’t Know” is by turns, adventuresome and puzzling. It may take you a couple listens to determine whether you like it or not, but you will almost certainly conclude that it’s well written. It isn’t often that you hear a group, merge pop sensibilities with such blatant experimentation, but not only does The Jones Title attempt it, they succeed. They wryly disguise their indie musings within the confines of an FM pop standard, and most won’t even realize it. “She Don’t Know,” will make you want to explore more of The Jones Title’s catalog.

It’s refreshingly obvious, how much detail went into the production of “She Don’t Know.” The volume on each instrument is pristinely balanced, allowing every component to compliment the other, fluently. The guitar tone is particularly stimulating, opting for a more supportive role, than a superfluous lead. The Jones Title, goes the extra mile in making sure they get the most out of their studio time, and emerge with the best product, possible. As a result they have a potential hit single on their hands, albeit a slightly unorthodox one.

The vocals on “She Don’t Know,” are at times, slightly hushed and strictly controlled, while soaring and emotionally tinged at others. The band has a strong vocalist, which they seem to be aware of, as they give him the floor all to himself around the bridge section. Truth be told, he is at his best when he walks steadily into his money notes, instead of leaping from one square to the next. It’s beyond paramount to have a strong or at the very least, an inimitable lead vocal to garner the right amount of attention for emerging artists in this genre. The Jones Title has a great voice, but must be sure to utilize it to the fullest as they progress.

All things considered, this is a track I thoroughly enjoyed, and I believe you will as well. The Jones Title shows tremendous range and creativity, and you will likely be excited to hear more from them. “She Don’t Know,” is the type of single that preludes a generally strong outing, for whatever album it’s associated with. But even as a standalone single, it’s a great first impression of these New Yorkers. She may not know, but there soon might be plenty that do know the name, The Jones Title.

Nicole Killian

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