The Push release Atomic Bomb Single

The Push are a band that seem to do just that with the single “Atomic Bomb” from the Austin, TX band’s debut album – No Light In The Darkness. An album with eleven solid tracks to define their work together, which started a long time ago with two friends dedicated to music and meant for each other. I find it best to push one’s music and act for all it’s worth, so The Push understand that ad point and run with it for maximum results worth talking about. Their musicianship is second to none, the vocals are very blunt, forthright and narrative.

You don’t get a clinical musical lesson from The Push you get a fun sound on the same level that doesn’t test your patience. This comes from a chemistry they’re fortified with and it’s why they make it sound so easy. They’ve been around the block including some extensive work on the world stages by Javi and keeping strong local foundations by Nacho. But that is only part of their story, it just helps explain how it all comes together and the long road to where they are now, and this single should catapult them out of the Austin area.

The album kicks off with the fun loving “Atomic Bomb,” and being the lead single it’s no surprise to see it in the front spot, because it would probably be anti-climactic to set it anywhere else in the track order. If anywhere it would be the last track, as many artists are making sure to make both end cuts speak the loudest. And the album does also end on a high note, so don’t miss it from beginning to end with every song bringing something substantial to the table. Their sound is actually-geared for bigger stages than the local Austin bar and small hall music culture.

If I were to categorize “Atomic Bomb” it would be a roots rock explosion of colossal proportions. The song makes you want to look more into the band and see what it’s all about now and how it came to be and that’s a lot of musical food on one small plate, so to speak. I’m just not all that familiar with the history of The Push, but it’s part of what makes them interesting, so “Atomic Bomb” serves to open those doors to No Light In The Darkness. The single earns top marks for that and the rest speaks volumes for the number.

Dropping the bomb is always a matter of when, where and how, and The Push pulled out all stops here with a song that sticks to your eardrums. Not only that, the character of the band shines through for every second of this song to prove it’s where their strongest skills meet the marketplace. It only takes one look at the video of “Atomic Bomb” to get the whole idea about The Push’s prowess to welcome the positive business they’re doing. Even if you don’t like music videos, you’ll get a better perspective of them either way.

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