Ashley Suppa Drops New Single

New York City’s Ashley Suppa is in trouble. At least she thinks she is. In the newly dropped “Trouble”, the pop star-in-the-making casts a spell. Some might call the mindset and worries of a teenager dramatic; this 18-year-old artist is making a name for herself by changing the rules. She works through the doubts and expectations lyrically and elevates her sound with a bouncy, sharp-like riff. Mangled inside the guitar riff are bulging beats and an incandescent finish. What trouble? “Trouble” is one safe musical bet. 


Peppered into the pop tune are elements of brazen tech (not full on trance music) and exotic vocals. When Suppa sings, she sounds like a young artist with a lot on her mind. You can almost picture her twirling the words, even more so, when she extends the chorus. The word ‘trouble’ when used in the chorus, at first sounds like ‘summer’ but as you get to listening, it sticks with you and makes more sense. I mean, that is the song title. Before you compare this track to Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” , know that Swift’s tune is traditional pop. I’d like to think that Suppa’s track is like the sound a yellow or neon green highlighter might make. It possesses a stronger tempo, a funky rhythm. Included in the menagerie of fierce rhythms are a click-y or chunky guitar riff. It’s oh-so-sweet. She rides the wave like a pro. 

Feeling all the pressure, feeling kind of low, she meanders. I liked the way Suppa reveals her personality, as well as her inner thoughts. She expresses herself a bit like a teenager would, but I think where she shows maturity is that the storyline can really be about anyone at any age. The beauty of music is that it crosses state lines, language barriers and genders – she feels a lot like we all do: where do we begin? When does the thirst for a strong relationship end, when the need to have balance between a healthy self-care intertwines? She lets those ideas marinate and saturate with the listener for the “Trouble” duration. As a listener, gleaned that as a young woman, she worked through it and that she gained confidence along the way. In many ways, this song is more inspiring than the first listen. Once you dive deeper, the waters below reveal a different layer to Suppa and her mindset. 

“Trouble” is the perfect song to just slip away into the night while listening. I liked the electricity Suppa creates and the vibrancy. She’s fearless. I think she will strike the most chord with young audiences, but older listeners (though young at heart) will still find her artistry something to be admired. She sparks imagination, conversation and is wildly entertaining. “Trouble” is making its way to the top spins on my new favorite playlist. I highly suggest this song if you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, Madonna, Kim Wilde, Blondie and more. Suppa just might herself in the company of elite singers one day…she’s definitely on her way. 

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