“Boom – Love Version” by HeIsTheArtist

While his peers might be more than content to engage in the same old tired games of the pop music world that have led to years of stagnation for the genre’s most promising young players, HeIsTheArtist is taking a different route to success in his new single “Boom – Love Version” that is bound to get people talking this summer. HeIsTheArtist makes it pretty obvious from the start of this song that he means business in 2020, and whether it be lyrics or music, he uses whatever tools are at his disposal here to make sure we get his message.


This lead vocal is essentially what ties the loose ends of the bassline and the drums together while also making the need for synthesized bells and whistles entirely obsolete. HeIsTheArtist is using his voice as an avenue through which he can both disarm us and express something that words just can’t on their own. There’s as much substance to his actual delivery as there is any of the poetry he’s sharing with us here, and considering how little his closest rivals in the mainstream offer us something similar, it makes “Boom – Love Version” even more of a rich tonal gem this July.

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There’s absolutely nothing fake or inauthentic about the harmony here – every detail within these melodies is wholly natural and drawn from true instrumentation, once again distinguishing the creative spirit HeIsTheArtist is boasting in this single from that of anyone in the major label lexicon in 2020. Raw passion can go a long way towards colorizing even the most black and white of compositions, but with an already-robust number in “Boom – Love Version,” it’s able to advance the essence of the track from indie chill-maker to outright breakout single (if it’s provided the right kind of exposure this season, that is).

Of all the work he’s currently got under his belt, I personally think that this track is probably the most lyrically savvy piece in HeIsTheArtist’s discography. There’s a maturity to his verses that is inescapable, and although he doesn’t indulge in a lot of sophisticated poetry in this particular release, it’s clear that he’s capable of putting himself out there when the mood and setting is right. That’s asking a lot more of a player than some critics would like to admit, but for this up and comer, it’s coming standard with everything he’s cut thus far.

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There’s still a lot of room for HeIsTheArtist to develop this sound even more, but the talent he’s bringing to the table in “Boom – Love Version” is unmistakable and impossible to dismiss as anything but an awesome find this season. Breaking out of the underground is one of the toughest battles that an independent artist can fight, and for the most part, even some of the better-prepared performers that go through the process of ascending the professional ladder end up falling on their face. HeIsTheArtist strikes me as an exceptional new singer and songwriter, and as long as he keeps producing material like this, I think he’s going to come out on top.

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