EDM Artist Calvyn Cass Releases New Single

The new single by Canadian based EDM artist, Calvyn Cass, is essentially a dance ballad, with a heart. Cass, might be one of the most strikingly androgynous figures to emerge in his generation, thus far. As of this writing, there is very little known about Calvyn Cass. Any traditional kind of bio is essentially nonexistent, and to know anything at all about his roots, admittedly required a substantial amount of “digging.” The positive, is that Cass has captured a rare mystique in an era that is otherwise rampantly transparent.

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Ironically enough, Calvyn Cass is quite active on social media. It’s through his pages, that I was able to get the most voluminous impression of him. The key  to his public persona, at least up to this point, is that he is careful not to overshare. Cass’s strategy seems to be to give just enough to spark conjecture, and as soon as we think we may have the answers, he changes the questions. His music is the window into the core of his being, that is fronted by a fabulously decorated exterior.

Judging from “Enemy Number One,” Cass’s sound is still somewhat in development. His voice is well cultivated, simmering with that Bowie like high fashion, and bookended with a seductive baritone. From a sheer compositional standpoint, he isn’t doing a lot to stand out from the pack, which of course, might be intentional . Many artists are pressured to fit in with a certain archetype, these days, in order to establish an initial following. It’s almost as if people’s musical tastes are more defined by genre than specific acts.

“Enemy Number One” is a decent EDM song, but what makes it most interesting is Cass, himself. His humongous personality almost overshadows the quality of the material. You can leave with the impression that he is capable of something much more iconic. It’s not clear, whether or not, Calvyn Cass is self-produced, though that information may be out there. If I were to speculate, I would most likely conclude that Cass does indeed record his own work, or at least plays a major role.

There is nothing offensive about the final mix of “Enemy Number One.” The song sounds competent and fully fleshed, if not bordering on generic at times. Calvyn tells a decipherable story about heartbreak and rejection, that feels authentic. Like much of EDM, the track makes you want to simultaneously move and brood, though only acknowledging the former. Though this may not be the breakout track for Calvyn Cass, it is one more massive leap in the genesis of a potential superstar. Hopefully, Cass will show restraint and become even more calculated in terms of governing and conveying his goldmine of a persona. If so, the velvet sky is not just the limit, but the beginning for this talented and colorful newcomer, who has made all of the rights moves, thus far.

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